Important Budget Update

They’re still basically where they were earlier this month, last month and in March.

I’d like to repost these statements from January:

“We want to pass the budget early, by April,” said Sen. John McKinney, minority leader.
“People are worried,” said Rep. Larry Cafero, minority leader. “They won’t stand for grandstanding.”(WFSB)
Speaker-elect Chris Donovan, D-Meriden, said he wants the Appropriations and the Finance, Revenue, and Bonding committees to finish their work two weeks ahead of schedule.
“We want to make the process work as quickly as possible so we have time to get it done,” Donovan said.**

So there you have it: less than a week to go, and the budget is stuck in the mud. So much for early promises. This is something we’re used to, however. The leadership enjoys talking about big plans early in the session, but ultimately fails to live up to expectations. I fully expect the budget to remain undone by the time the gavel falls on the 2009 session next Wednesday.

In the end, it’s towns and cities who will end up hurting because of the legislature’s failure to pass a budget promptly.

(**Quotes originally from WFSB and CTNJ)


3 responses to “Important Budget Update

  1. No quote from Don Williams? Well, it’s easy to fabricate it…

    Just speak slowly and smugly like you are addressing a retarded person, and throw in the phrase “honest conversation with the people of Connecticut.”

    Williams is too busy fixating on the $2 billion shortfall between the Governor’s proposed budget and the deficit… despite the fact that the budget was constructed prior to the current deficit numbers. He is more interested in trying to score cheap political points against the governor than he is in addressing the problem which is why this is going nowhere.

    News Flash: No on in Connecticut gives a flying F**K about your lousy $2 billion rhetoric. If the Q-poll didn’t demonstrate that to you, you’re too thick to be taught.

    Combine that with Speaker Donovan taking up every fart sandwich that is a pet bill of his liberal shills and ignoring the deficit as well, and it’s a perfect storm of inaction.

  2. The way this process is being handled is beyond absurd. Yesterday’s hours long debate regarding ostomy insurance was brought about after Democratic leadership promised to not call the bill first (Representative D’Amelio was receiving an award, and as a ranking member of the Insurance committee wanted to be present) and then turning around and calling it anyways.

    The pissed off Republicans, never a group to overlook a slight, then proceeded to drag the talk out all day — even as the clock ticks down towards the end of session.

    Then Denise Merrill tells News Junkie how important the bill is (I agree it is, for the record) and tries to turn what is in obvious incident of time wasting and filibustering into a “win”.

    It is time for this entire group to start acting like grownups. Stop telling the press you are intentionally foot dragging, stop foot dragging, stop intentionally digging at the opposing side, stop blamestorming. Special Sessions cost somewhere in the ballpark of 10,000 a day. Sit down, get it done, no more of the bs.

  3. easthartfordtaxpayer

    The budget stuff is ridiculous but if any town is hurting by an uncertainty in ECS funding it means they are out of control, not the state. Any town with budget discipline would budget for the most fiscally conservative outcome and let the rest be whipped cream.

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