Sunday Speak Out: In Case You Missed It

Last week’s Sunday Speak Out (see here for more information) had a great series of articles on topics ranging from transportation to labor issues. If you missed them, here’s a quick look back at each article:

Stop Employer Credit Checks by State Rep. Matt Lesser

A bill coming before the Senate this week would make a real difference in people’s lives.
Imagine not getting a job you would otherwise have gotten simply because your employer finds out you have a low credit score. Strange as it sounds, nearly half of employers are now investigating job applicants’ credit histories prior.Read the rest of this article!

Pass Paid Sick Days by Jon Green, Director of CT Working Families

The idea has attracted a broad coalition of supporters, including doctors and business owners. There’s also a growing body of research demonstrating that such a policy has broad public benefits and very small costs. It’s not just a narrow “labor-management” issue; it’s an issue of public health, of healthcare access, and even an issue of smart business practices. Read the rest of this article!

Moving on From Tolls by John Bowman of Greenwich

I was not surprised to see that the Transportation Strategy Board decided this week to decide nothing – I was somewhat relieved. The million-dollar study and TSB (in)actions need to be publicized (read exposed) so they never happen again. Quite simply, tolls other than those that might finance a needed new road or HOV lane, are a bad idea. Read the rest of this article!

Expanding Rail in Connecticut by Nick Fabiani

The Northeast Corridor is currently the ONLY high speed rail line in the country, but as anyone can tell you, that doesn’t mean much. As an avid train rider, I can’t put in words my disappointment with the Acela system between New Haven and New York. However, Obama’s plan serves to change some of that. Under his plan, existing rail lines will have their tracks updated, so that they are legitimately high speed-capable. Read the rest of this article!

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