Democrats Call Special Session

The regular session isn’t even over, and already Democrats have called themselves back for a special budget session, probably late in June.

Apparently they realized that there was absolutely no chance of passing a budget before the end of the session on Wednesday.

Naturally, their call for a special session has led to a back-and-forth over blame.

SustiNet Passes Senate

In other news, the state Senate, in a rare Saturday session, passed a health care pooling bill similar to one vetoed by the governor last year, and the SustiNet universal health care plan.


3 responses to “Democrats Call Special Session

  1. Lest we offend; shouldn’t the headline be:

    “Democratics Call Special Session” ??

  2. I like how Swan is described as a healthcare advocate. How can you be a healthcare advocate when you’re fat and smoke – the two leading causes of healthcare costs in America.

    No wonder he wants us to pay for his healthcare.

    He’s an advocate for good healthcare, but he’s a trainwreck himself. Great example.

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