Open Forum

We’re headed into the final week of the legislative session. Don’t expect a budget, though, that’s for later. Sorry, towns and cities.

Hartford’s city council passed a $535 million budget just ahead of a charter-imposed deadline.

Regional planners talked Friday about how to reduce sprawl in Connecticut.

Ryan Bingham, who made national news in 2005 when he became Torrington’s mayor at the age of 21, is running for another term.

The governor decided against closing state parks in her proposed budget, though she had initially included that as part of her plan.

More commuters are using a ride-share program.

Quinnipiac says: Connecticut is Yankees territory, barely. As usual, though, nobody likes the Mets.

What else is going on?


One response to “Open Forum

  1. Chris Shays is suggesting that the embezzlement from his campaign coffers may have happened not just in 2008, but in previous campaigns, too:,0,4838564.story

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