Dodd Stretched Thin with Work

Roll Call (subscription required) is reporting that Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd is stretched thin these days between his role as a stand in for Sen. Ted Kennedy on health care reform, doing his normal duties as Banking Committee Chairman, and running for re-election. 

In what is largely a ‘Senate staff grumbling about their bosses on background’ piece, there is obviously a great deal of concern about whether Dodd can handle everything that he has on his plate.

“The question is, can Dodd do health care, still do some stuff with Banking and run his re-election campaign?” asked one knowledgeable Senate Democratic aide. “That’s a tall order for anyone.”

Most of the rest of the piece is dedicated to fellow Democratic Senators praising Dodd for his hard work and generally gushing about how swell he is.  But it appears that the Senate staff is less convinced.  Another Senate Democratic aide is quoted with a comment about Dodd’s now infamous Iowa adventure:

“While Dodd was camped out with his family campaigning, Democrats groused that the house and mortgage crises were just beginning to hit and there was no one tackling the problem.”

Exactly the same point that Republicans have been making for months now.  If the Senate staff – the people who really know what is going on – aren’t sold on the whole “Let Dodd be Dodd” shtick, why should we be?

Source: David Drucker and Emily Pierce, “Dodd Juggles Triple Challenge” Roll Call, June 10, 2009.  Retrieved at on June 10, 2009. Subscription Required.


4 responses to “Dodd Stretched Thin with Work

  1. AndersonScooper

    I agree with you Heath. Dodd should retire in favor of Blumenthal, and then he should spend the next year and a half working in the Senate to the point where we all would want him back.

  2. I disagree with you AS. We have one senator who apparently is working hard to better people’s lives here in Connecticut, and another senator who has recently stated that his primary goal is to impede anything getting done in the Senate.

    Dodd should keep on working. If anything, Blumie should run against Lieberman in 2012. That’ll be his year to win.

  3. AndersonScooper

    Bob, you’re a good guy. But I marvel at your eagerness to join in putting this Senate seat at risk.

    Me, I see little evidence that Dodd is superior to a generic Democrat. How would we be worse off if he did the right thing and retired in favor of Blumenthal? (Instead CT liberals are once again going to be at the center of a national political war, only this time I’m much less eager to fight with my time and money.)

    Anyway, my response to Heath was tongue-in-cheek. Of course Dodd isn’t now working like a mad-man just to turn around and retire. This sudden burst of political effort wouldn’t be happening if not for the looming GOP challenge.

    PS– 2012 is Murphy’s year, if not Ned Lamont’s. Dick Blumenthal had his chance to run against Lieberman, and he chickened out. I hope you don’t intend to reward him for that!

  4. AS, I’m fine with either Murphy or Blumenthal running in ’12.

    Or Ned if he chooses, although I think he should have run against Shays last year.

    Sorry I missed your obvious joking intent there…you know, text sucks for that kind of thing.

    (…unless you go 🙂 😉 :p etc.)

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