Governor Vetoes Anti-Discrimination Bill

Gov. Rell has vetoed a bill that would have required the Metropolitan District Commission (MDC) to conform to state agency affirmative action hiring practices (the JI has more through coverage, but will cost you if you aren’t a subscriber). The bill arose out of complaints that a woman was unfairly treated and then fired from the MDC.

The reasons are twofold: first, the governor says that since the MDC isn’t actually a state agency (it’s a nonprofit municipal corporation, created by a special act of the legislature), so making it behave like one by statute is incorrect. The governor also seems to believe that this would create an unfunded mandate, because someone would have to be hired to deal with all the complaints coming out of MDC. If that’s true… then maybe this bill is even more necessary.

The bill passed both houses unanimously, and so could possibly be passed into law over the governor’s objections.


2 responses to “Governor Vetoes Anti-Discrimination Bill

  1. Jodi seems inclined to veto anything that might cost us over $5.00, even if too quickly or reflexively.

    One does wonder how poorly the MDC might behave, and if it’s with any regularity.

    Having a thinner skin than most as it regards discrimination; I might not agree with her veto – and considering that I’m a Rell supporter, that would be unusual.

    Sometimes we’re just wrong.

    IE: My pre-concieved notions regarding Peter Wolfgang of the FIC probably lined up more with Scoopers than not.
    Then I met him – couple of weeks later I had coffee with him (I never would bet that that would have ever happened).

    I was *wrong*.
    Peter’s a rational, reasonable man; and a helluva nice guy to boot.
    Doesn’t mean I suddenly agree with him on a whole series of issues, and I don’t.
    It does mean however I was absolutely full of crap (not the 1st time) and had the man dead wrong.

    It happens.

    Same *might* be true with Jodi’s veto; but I don’t know that.

    BTW – Bowling Green, Kentucky’s a nice place and they have a chain called “Waffle House” here. Coffee’s pretty good and it comes with an ashtray!

  2. I actually think the real reason is that she thinks that the state can’t force MDC to follow state agency guidelines.

    Waffle House is pretty great.

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