Lawmakers Protest Proposed Fare Hikes

Here’s a video from NBC Connecticut of Democratic leaders protesting proposed hikes in public transit fares:

Rell’s budget has been the focus of Democrats’ ire. Yesterday they were in Norwich speaking against cuts to LifeStar. There was another news conference scheduled for tomorrow that would have protested Rell’s cuts to charter schools, although that event ended up being canceled after what Sens. Williams and Looney called “encouraging talks between the Senate Democrats and Gov. Rell’s office” on those cuts.


2 responses to “Lawmakers Protest Proposed Fare Hikes

  1. AndersonScooper

    Rell says, “NO NEW TAXES…”

    That is unless you’re stuck riding the bus.

    More from Melinda Tuhus at the New Haven Independent:

    Rell wants to raise the cost of riding the bus from $1.25 to $1.75.

    Jeff Beckham, a spokesman for Gov. Rell, said her goal in proposing to hike bus fares 40 percent and Metro North train fares 10 percent is to get transit riders to share the burden of helping to close the state’s $8 billion budget deficit. That would raise $45 million.

    “We don’t think these modest increases are going to be a big factor in folks’ decision-making about their transportation choices,” he said. When pressed, he said if the increase is unpalatable, commuters could “walk or make some other arrangement.”

    So the idea is to have the poorest people in our society pay an extra dollar a day, or more than $250/year? Bravo. This is worse than when Rell vetoed the minimum wage adjustment. How incredibly out of touch with the lives of working people.

  2. AndersonScooper

    Moderated? Ugh.

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