Peter Schiff on The Daily Show

I finally got around to watching Peter Schiff on The Daily Show from last night, and I have a couple of thoughts:

  • Jon Stewart seems to really like him, but wasn’t aware that he was thinking of running for office until the end of the show
  • He’s easily the most comfortable on camera of any of the candidates, including Dodd
  • Those clips of the arrogant idiots of financial talk shows back in 2007 and 2006 making fun of this guy for, as it turned out, correctly predicting exactly how badly things were going to turn out are incredible, and give him huge credibility
  • While his message is alarming and unsettling, his credibility makes it hard to dismiss
  • I could see him developing a committed, devoted following if he runs, though I still have trouble seeing him actually nominated by the GOP
  • And okay, Tim White, I agree: I’d love to see him debate Dodd on economic policy

Overall I thought it was a positive appearance for Schiff. He did mention that he was continuing to think about running for Senate against Dodd.

I’ll put up the video when it’s available.


3 responses to “Peter Schiff on The Daily Show

  1. Love ya GC!


    Do you remember back to late 2007 when I told you I wanted to Ron Paul and HRC get their respective nominations? The Schiff / Dodd debate quenches that same thirst.

    Freedom vs. Security being debated in a fairly pure form.

    I think it’d be fascinating. Though, I certainly don’t mean to demean HRC by putting her in the same category with Dodd. HRC may be able to discuss economic policy. The world already knows that Dodd hasn’t a clue.

  2. And since I’m certain that Schiff supports transparency and good government, I note that Ron Paul’s HR 1207 (Audit the Fed) now has 207 cosponsors. Yet all five members of CTs delegation sit on the sidelines… saying nothing. Numerous liberal Dems have spoken strongly in favor of Paul’s bill… but CTs delegation (plus the gotta-go twins – Dodd & Lieberman) sits silent.

    Very disappointing.

    Also, just yesterday a House Committee (Oversight – Towns & Issa) sent a subpoena to The Beast… I mean… The Fed… demanding they hand over documents relating to the BOA acquisition of Merrill. Towns asked for it last week and got nothing. So as Chairman, he gave Bernanke a subpoena.

    But I guess Dodd doesn’t have that ability.

    Jane Hamsher should go on the offensive in favor of a Dem primary for Dodd’s seat.

    Based on Bbg reporting, Ken Lewis (BOA) and Hank Paulson (R-Goldman) gave Congress a very different story from that which was given by Bernanke.

  3. ModerateDem08

    Impressed with Peter Schiff. He handled himself well with Jon Stewart. He is engaging, well spoken and, at least on the economy, has a real grasp of the issues.

    Simmons must be getting agitated since he would cause a lot of problems within the Republican base. He is successfully killing off Caliguiri, but Schiff can run a campaign independent of the establishment R’s since he does not need their campaign contributions. Can’t wait for it to play out. Remember McCain won CT in 2000 despite the establishment and a sitting Governor backing G.W. Bush.

    As a D, I would rather Dodd face Simmons than this guy, especially if the economy is still sputtering.

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