Dodd Cottage Worth More Than Reported

In your Friday news dump today is a story about Sen. Dodd’s Irish cottage, which, as it turns out, is worth a lot more than he’s been reporting. According to the Courant Dodd has been using an old appraisal value for his cottage, from 2002, which does not reflect the rapid spike in Irish real estate values.

The story is based on Dodd’s financial reports. Also in this story is the little tidbit that Dodd’s wife is compensated by three of the four health care boards she sits on. Sen. Dodd is one of the leaders in crafting health care policy in the Senate, and some Republicans have been complaining about a conflict of interest.

What to make of this story? The Irish cottage piece of the story is a little lurid, but ultimately I don’t think it’s going to be a big deal for Dodd. The only problem is that voters will be reminded that he does in fact have an Irish cottage, and that it’s worth quite a bit of money these days.

The potentially more damaging piece is about his wife sitting on health care company boards.


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