Friday News Roundup

There may be a budget deal brewing at the State Capitol as some Democratic lawmakers change their rhetorical tune on negotiations.  Don’t hold your breath.

Steve Collins Bristol Blog – The Bristol Blog That Features News and Information about Bristol, Connecticut – was blocked by new Internet filters at City Hall yesterday.  But thankfully, the matter was resolved quickly.

Lou DeLuca is back.  He thinks that his former colleagues Sen. Tom Gaffey of Meriden and Sen. Joe Crisco of Woodbridge are crooks. 

The State Elections Enforcement Commission hit Gaffey with a $6k fine for doublebilling the State and his Political Action Committee for travel expenses.  Crisco’s application for a public grant under the Citizens’ Election Program was denied with prejudice last year for forging signatures on sworn documents.  After nearly a year of investigation (the wheels of justice turn slowly), Crisco was fined $4k.

There will be no shortage of candidates for Mayor of Hartford if/when they haul current Mayor Eddie Perez off to jail.  Shelly Sindland has two such candidates on her show Sunday.

Speaking of corrupt elected officials in Hartford, State Rep. Minnie Gonzalez is under SEEC’s microscope for illegally handling absentee ballots.  Unfortunately, one of the star witnesses passed away without being questioned by Gonzalez’s representatives, so the case is likely to be dropped.

Last but not least, for those of you that enjoy mixing maps and politics, check out The Electoral Map.  Courtesy that blog, one more reason to stop watching the cable news networks.


3 responses to “Friday News Roundup

  1. ramblinrugger

    Hi everyone, there are a couple of great articles recently written about 4th district congressional candidate Will Gregory. Check them out – they are both very informative, and provide a good glimpse into the policy and stances of this fresh exciting young candidate:,0,285336.story

  2. What will Will Gregory do when John McKinney gets into the race, I wonder?

    The Electoral Map is one of my favorite blogs, unsurprisingly!

  3. Weicker Liker


    I hate to throw cold water on William Gregory’s resume…

    Was he a PAID STAFFER or INTERN with the McCain Campaign?

    His indication of “working” in the McCain War Room could mean many things.

    Can you direct me to the FEC Report that shows any payroll checks being issued to him?

    I could not find any record of him in the McCain 2008 Reports that I’ve looked at so far.

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