Quote of the Day

“People yell cut, cut, cut, but they don’t realize the consequences.”

–State Sen. Tom Colapietro (D-Bristol), lamenting what he and others in Bristol feel is an unfair targeting of the city by the governor’s budget proposals. Rell had suggested closing the state courthouse and the Bristol Technical Education Center, moves that Bristol officials say would hurt downtown businesses.


3 responses to “Quote of the Day

  1. Of course, that just illustrates the rank hypocrisy of Colapietro. On the one hand, he is vociferously opposed to budget cuts. On the other hand, he is wholeheartedly resistant to accepting the $5-20 million that would be generated by the legalization of Sunday liquor sales. If fact, he is so opposed to Sunday liquor sales that he uses his position as chair of the General Law Committee to prevent speech and debate on the issue. Of course, everyone now knows why he does so… he is the stooge of liquor lobbyist Caroll Hughes, who bundles thousands of dollars in campaign contributions for Colapietro.

    Note that he’s all ears when state cuts threaten businesses in downtown Bristol. However, he could care less about public policies that hurt small businesses in downtown Thompsonville— particularly liquor stores facing stiff cross-border competition. Not only does he want to prohibit them from operating on Sunday… he also wants to raise the taxes and uphold laws that limit their product lines.

    Next time, Colapietro should think about the millions of dollars in revenue that he is turning down before he complains about state service cuts in Bristol.

  2. Here is how it works. Here in Tolland we do not care about Bristol, that’s like a place on the other side of the world, so cut away.

    I’m sure over the years plenty of Tolland dollars have gone to Bristol with no benefit to me.

  3. Liquor manufacturing and distribution is one of the most competitive industries. CT liquour store owners are mainly opposed to Sunday liquor sales because other liquor laws (no liquor but beer in supermarkets, no beer/liquor at CVS, after 9:00 PM, etc.) means that a majority of these are mom and pop operations that are competitive with each other.

    A majority of them have opposed Sunday liquor sales because:

    1) They won’t be able to compete with each other – the “weaker” ones will force to close. They have built their budgets around 6 day opeeration.

    2) They won’t be able to compete with Stop & Shop, et al who can support sunday liquor sales at the drop of a hat.

    If I had to guess, Colapietro is under enormous pressure from Bristol’s numerous liquor store owners.

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