Garfield to Retire from SEEC

The longtime Executive Director of the State Elections Enforcement Commission, Jeffrey B. Garfield, has announced his retirement on the SEEC website.

Garfield stated that his tenure has been “a labor of love,” and that he had mixed emotions about leaving the position he has held for so long. “I tried to give the Connecticut taxpayers my best each day, and hope that my service has made a positive impact on the integrity of the electoral process.” Mr. Garfield was recognized by his peers throughout his tenure.

Garfield has been a prominent figure in Connecticut politics for three decades as the overseer of the state’s political campaigns.  Seen as a heroic figure by some and as a bureaucratic empire-builder by others, Garfield’s departure marks the end of an era at SEEC.


One response to “Garfield to Retire from SEEC

  1. AndersonScooper

    Chris Healy: I am worried!

    Has anyone checked in on him lately?

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