Kennedy Featured in New Dodd Ad

The ailing Sen. Ted Kennedy has recorded an advertisement for Sen. Chris Dodd touting his work on health care.

Here’s the transcript:

SENATOR KENNEDY: Quality healthcare as a fundamental right for all Americans has been the cause of my life, and Chris Dodd has been my closest ally in this fight. Today more than ever, we have a real opportunity to bring healthcare reform to Connecticut and all across America, and I believe that with Chris Dodd’s leadership, our families will finally have accessible, affordable healthcare.
SENATOR DODD: I’m Chris Dodd and I approve this message.

It’s really a powerful ad, I think. Kennedy is a monumental figure in the health care debate, even now, and the fact that he’d do an ad for Dodd despite his illness speaks volumes about both Dodd’s leadership on the issue and Dodd’s continuing vulnerability.

Dodd’s campaign wants to show Dodd as taking Kennedy’s place, and being essential to the success of health care reform. The ad is called “Dodd’s Leadership,” and Jay Howser, Dodd’s campaign manager has this to say:

“Having seen the results on these and other issues Dodd’s been involved in, Kennedy felt confident tapping him for this job. This is a critical conversation our nation is having, and Connecticut’s Chris Dodd is leading the debate.”

The ad will begin running tomorrow (Sunday).

Dodd will be appearing on ABC’s This Week to talk about the evolving health care legislation. Dodd has strongly supported a public option.


13 responses to “Kennedy Featured in New Dodd Ad

  1. On April 2, Dodd voted against revealing the names of the banks that got the Fed’s recently printed $10 trillion.

    On May 6, Dodd promised FDLs Jane Hamsher that he would ask Bernanke for the names of those banks.

    Senator Dodd, have you asked Bernanke yet?

    It seems to me that if you simply reclaim that $10 trillion for the American people (instead of allowing Bernanke & Geithner to give it to your campaign contributors… er… uhh… the bankers), then you could pay for your healthcare plan easy-peasy.

  2. AndersonScooper

    Let’s be clear. Dodd is spending $$$ so early not because of the Republicans, but because he’s terrified of losing his base.

    What happens this fall, when polls will likely come out showing head-to-head match-ups of Simmons vs. Dodd, and Simmons vs. Blumenthal. (fyi, the latter would not be close.) If Dodd does gains a slight lead, he probably survives. If not, watch out. And that’s what these early ads are all about.

    Yet the fact remains that if Dems “Stick with Dodd”, 2010 isn’t a sure thing, but a toss-up.

    While what is certain is that millions and millions of right-wing $$$ will flow to Connecticut, not just to defeat Dodd, but Democrats up-and-down the line.

    Me, I don’t want that, precisely because it’s what the likes of Chris Healy and John McKinney want. Heck, they desperately need Dodd to stay in, because if Blumenthal is the Dem nominee, the CT GOP wins nothing.

    Dodd should do the right thing and retire, because what’s more important:
    A). Being sure we keep that Senate safely seat in Democratic hands, while avoiding Connecticut becoming ground zero for an attempted Republican resurgency. Or,
    B). Risking a Simmons/Healy/McKinney victory party next year?

    That political math terrifies Team Dodd, and they are working hard to suppress any discussion of it.

  3. AndersonScooper

    PS– I heard Dodd family members are repeating the Lieberman family’s mistake of reading the blogs.

  4. TheRealNixon

    This ad and the others that Dodd has run are a joke. The people of Connecticut don’t want to see political ads this early, they simply aren’t engaged. What Dodd is doing is trying to make it seem like he is still relevant as a public figure here in the state but the fact of the matter is that a majority of people don’t trust the man. He’s a slimy, sleazy politician that forgot who he worked for years ago. Just because you throw Ted Kennedy on TV doesn’t change the fact that Chris Dodd is corrupt and needs to go.

    By the way, it must be real nice to have such high real estate while everyone else is getting kicked to the curb:

  5. TheRealNixon

    And Genghis, its NOT a powerful ad. This isn’t Mass. it’s Connecticut. We could care less about what Teddy Kennedy has to say. The man is a drunk murderer who should be in prison, not a U.S. Senator.

  6. PS– I heard Dodd family members are repeating the Lieberman family’s mistake of reading the blogs.

    It’s probably coincidental, but when I began taking Dodd to task (back in March), I got a few hits from East Haddam.

    I never get hits from there. I’m largely a local Cheshire blog… with hits from surrounding towns via ISPs that apparently don’t have addresses in every town. That seems to be typical of SNET or SBCGlobal. But Cox seems to have an ISP in every town in which they provide service.

    Personally, I think he (or his people) would be wise to follow the blogs. I think Lamont was only able to refine his message quickly enough to overcome Lieberman because of the speed with which the blogs were able to turn this 10 minute speeches into 10 second sound bites.

  7. Good point on McKinney Scoop… hadn’t thought of that. With Dodd on the ticket, he may very well hurt down ticket Dems. And if Wall Street is an issue, that could very well hurt Himes… which would be fine with me. Goldman Sachs owns Washington and I have yet to hear of Himes doing anything to tackle the problem.

    Don’t get me wrong… I don’t know that any Rs are any better. But I am convinced that the whole establishment needs to go.

    Himes gets upset about being called a “corporatist?!” Well, if he ignores the basics like auditing the Federal Reserve… who should I think he represents? We the People or Wall Street? Even Nancy Pelosi uttered the phrase “secrets of the temple.”

    Nancy’s fighting to avoid any accountability for Bernanke’s Beast… but even she knows that We the People won’t tolerate it.

    234 House members signed onto HR 1207 so far, including the Rules Chairman (Slaughter??).

    Himes and the rest of the CT delegation can play dumb, but We the People won’t tolerate it.

    If I voted today, I may vote for Courtney because of his anti-bailout vote. I’d be happy to pull the lever for anyone but the other four though.

    But then I’ve always been happy to vote for third parties… so I’m not a very good barometer.

  8. I see this ad and start to laugh…..

    Thinking about the infamous Kennedy-Dodd-waitress sandwichs.

    What an image. Yuck!

  9. Dodd’s campaign wants to show Dodd as taking Kennedy’s place,

    Might be OK if Dodd was running in Mass.

    He’s not.

    It’s interesting to note that prior to the enactment of Mass. welfare 707 in 1967 which was the beginning of the end for the Cape; no Kennedy (including JFK) ever carried a single polling place in Barnstable County, Mass. where they were better known.

  10. Scooper, you are right on the money with Dodd. Your only problem, Dodd’s king size ego won’t allow him to go away and that is good news for my side of the isle!

  11. Let us remember that both Dodd and Kennedy were notorious for drinking and chasing skirts till the Smith Trial suddenly made them both turn to baby sitter wives. Do you trust the local drunks in your town to make decisions for you??

  12. Bruce Rubenstein

    Let us remember that both Dodd and Kennedy were notorious for drinking and chasing skirts till the Smith Trial suddenly made them both turn to baby sitter wives. Do you trust the local drunks in your town to make decisions for you??

    The above is idiotic to me…Dodd had nothing to do with the Smith trial. The sandwich incident was…like 30 years ago, when he was single…..if this is the mindframe of republicans to replace Dodd then Democrats like myself have nothing to fear as Dodd will win resoundingly

  13. Bruce,

    “if this is the mindframe of republicans to replace Dodd then Democrats like myself have nothing to fear as Dodd will win resoundingly”

    Even though I tend more Republican than Democrat I agree with your comment above.

    For me personally, I currently have no interest in, and could not care less, how Dodd may, or may not have carried on many years ago. I might have then, but I don’t now. I care far more about the job he has done since his last election or two.

    I am in no position to judge if the post you site with your comment is typically the mind frame of more than just a minority of Republicans ( or anyone else) , any more than I am in a position to judge if some of the typically anti any Republican rhetoric frequently posted here by some far left wingers are the typical mind frame of most Democrats.

    I do however respectfully disagree with your thinking that as a Democrat you have nothing to fear here and Dodd will be resoundingly re elected.

    IMO this country is in a far deeper mess than the average voter currently understands. Bruce, times have really changed. Back 40 or so years ago you as an SDS member, and me more of an YFA Nixon silent majority member were possibly screaming insults at each other in the streets of New Haven. But we both were trying to chart a path for what was then a legitimate world super power that then not only had the ability at the time to control it’s destiny, but also help shape a better world.

    I submit to you that we both failed in our attempts. Since that time we rubber stamped far too many empty suits to Washington time and time again just as long as they called themselves Democrat or Republican. As a result today we are well on our way to third world status.

    We accepted failure to deliver by looking the other way when our party was in power, and did little more than put road blocks in the way when out of power. Honestly sometimes I think we are by far our own worst enemy.

    The voters will get to decide in 16 months or so about Chris Dodd unless you Democrats do the right thing first, and send him packing. As much as I dislike the idea of Blumenthal at least he is a change.

    I don’t know if it is too late but I am reminded of the old Bob Dylan song The Times Are A Changing. Does it really make any sense to keep sending back to Washington those who have been there while we lost our way?

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