Amann Loses Communications Director

CTNJ is reporting that Patrick Scully is no longer with the Amann campaign.

The reason, according to Scully, was that they have no money. Amann disputes that.

The question, then, is whether Amann’s campaign still exists in any meaningful way, if it ever did.


4 responses to “Amann Loses Communications Director

  1. Apparently Crusher knew better than anyone just how important that $120,000 / yr, no-show job was going to be to his campaign… and Spkr. Quid Pro Quo was gonna go along with it.

    Btw, what has Donovan accomplished this year with his new title and… power!

  2. sorry… s/h ended with a ? (and that was a serious question. Since Bernanke decided to print $10 trillion and give it to his cronies… and since Dodd has been sticking his head in the sand… I’ve followed the destruction of the dollar more closely than the usual nonsense in Hartford.)

  3. AndersonScooper

    Hey, like Amann says, “he’s the only one in this race.” No way Amann should drop out when we’re not even sure Malloy and/or Susie are actually running.

    Plus I’m certain Amann will stay around at least until the convention, just so he can broker all his delegates to whoever chooses him as their running mate!

    Is anyone else wants to help by donating, here’s the link:

  4. Clickety_Clak

    Despite this ‘crushing’ blow to the Amann campaign, I was chagrined last night as I tried to enter my favorite Rocky Hill eatery only to find that it was closed for a private function. The “function” you ask? No less than a sparsely attended Amann fundraiser starring the man himself. If only it had occurred before Scully’s patience ran out.

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