Writers Wanted for CTLP Front Page!

The 2009 election season is just getting started, the budget has yet to wrap up, and we’re looking at a busy 2010 here in Connecticut as well! It’s an exciting time to write for CTLP.

Care to join us?

I’d like to bring one liberal and one conservative writer on board, to bring our total up to seven: two liberal writers, two conservative writers, two writers mainly focused on town/regional issues, and myself.

I’d expect at least a few posts per week on Connecticut political topics, and you must be able to write clearly and effectively.

If this is something you’re interested in, please email me with a) your name and position you’re interested in, b) why you want to write for us and c) a quick writing sample. Feel free to link to something that’s already online.

Please email me by Wednesday night at the latest!


2 responses to “Writers Wanted for CTLP Front Page!

  1. Genghis,

    I’ve read this site for a long time, and I really hope you reconsider adding 1 more “conservative” and “liberal” writer to the site. The addition of openly partisan writers like Heath has pretty much ruined the site for me. I’m thinking about unsubscribing in my RSS reader and taking it off the blogroll.

    Your site was a useful place before to find news and local political stories. There were ideological perspectives before on both sides, certainly, with Gabe and others, but the use of innuendo and baseless swipes in the partisan posts diminish the utility of the site.

    Good luck.


  2. One other things – the writers focused on town and local issues are great, and your posts generally get to the point of analysis, even expressing opinion, without mockery and sarcasm. So, more of that, please, and less “liberal” and “conservative” ideological/partisan crossfire setup.

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