Health Care Needs More HELP

Though health care reform is President Obama’s top legislative priority this summer, embattled U.S. Senator Chris Dodd isn’t able to deliver:

Despite expressing hope a day earlier that the markup of a health care reform bill could be completed by week’s end, Sen. Chris Dodd (Conn.) confirmed Wednesday that the legislation is unlikely to emerge from the panel until after the July Fourth recess.

There are a number of health care reform bills floating around Washington salons these days – with many more likely to follow. 

The effort to overhaul health care in America hit a stumbling block in recent days as the true costs of such an overhaul came into focus.  The CBO scored one such reform bill at $1 trillion while also mentioning that it doesn’t cover everyone and would cause private employers to dump their employees onto the government plan.


2 responses to “Health Care Needs More HELP

  1. I fully expect any Health Care Bill with Dodd’s name on it, to have language for funding to ACORN and it’s affiliates to help oversee this. It will be there.

  2. Bruce Rubenstein

    I fully expect Dodd to roll out a historic healthcare bill with an additional choice of a public option. We americans need more choice and a public option gives us that.

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