Foley Hires Campaign Manager

U.S. Senate candidate Tom Foley has reportedly hired a veteran campaign manger, according to Capitol Watch. That campaign manager is Gregg Keller, who managed Jim Talent’s U.S. Senate bids earlier this decade and is also a veteran of the Mitt Romney campaign.

That means that Rob Simmons, Chris Dodd and now Tom Foley all have nationally-known campaign managers.

Which leads me to wonder, is Tom Foley really serious about this thing? Is he going to take this campaign to the convention and to a primary with Simmons? Or is he just trying to position himself as the second-choice candidate should Simmons stumble?

Quarterly fundraising numbers may help us to figure that out. The quarter comes to an end next week.

10 responses to “Foley Hires Campaign Manager

  1. In order to be taken seriously (by me at least), Foley will need to explain his disastrous appearance on “Face the State.” In that interview, he seemed totally disengaged from CT politics and events – I think he even admitted he hadn’t been following Dodd’s troubles. I’m sure Foley will do much better in the future, but that first appearance just played right into the stereotype of a rich Greenwich Republican looking for a career change. Dodd easily dispatched those types of candidates in the past. I don’t think the GOP should risk another venture down that path.

  2. Caliguiri also has some top talent on his team. Evan Kozlow , former campaign manager for Tom Kean Jr.’s ’06 Senate run, is a consultant for the State Senator.

  3. TheRealNixon

    Foley hires a guy from MO to manage his campaign? That’s odd. So when will Foley actually speak? The only interview I have seen of him is that disaster of an appearance on Face the State. Does Foley even know why HE want’s to be a Senator?

  4. TheRealNixon

    Meanwhile from this morning’s Washington Post:

    Thompson for Simmons…..: Former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson (R) is wading into the Connecticut Senate primary on behalf of former Rep. Rob Simmons. Thompson, who ran an abbreviated campaign for president in 2008, called Simmons a “man of integrity who is uniquely qualified for this job.” Simmons, who spent six years representing an eastern Connecticut district, is running against former ambassador Tom Foley and state Sen. Sam Caliguri for the Republican nomination. Sen. Chris Dodd (D) is seeking a sixth term in 2010, a bid beset by questions regarding his ties to failed mortgage giant Countrywide among others problems.

  5. Bruce Rubenstein

    Which leads me to wonder, is Tom Foley really serious about this thing? Is he going to take this campaign to the convention and to a primary with Simmons? Or is he just trying to position himself as the second-choice candidate should Simmons stumble?

    Foley was awful on Face The State…he seems disengaged and not ready for prime time.

  6. Foley seems very detached from CT, not surprising that he’d find someone from the outside.

  7. AndersonScooper

    I have two questions regarding Foley:

    1) As ex-Ambassador to Ireland did he, or his people, have anything to do with digging up the Cottage-gate “dirt”?

    2) Does he know something about those details that we don’t? Is there a smoking gun that has yet to be released? i.e. something that might lead to an actual indictment.

    At some level it makes no sense for Foley to be in this race. He is the epitome of the Bush Republican, and I’m not sure even CT Republicans would want that. What makes him think he can win?

  8. AndersonScooper

    The Face the State video of Foley, here.

    The first thing he says is that Healy called him last fall, when he was still in Ireland.

    Does that suggest he helped dig up those land records?

  9. famillionaire

    Wow, how did such ‘political outsider’ manage to…

    sorry, I couldn’t even finish typing that without laughing some milk out of my nose…one more try.

    How did such ‘political outsider’ manage to find such a DC insider to run his campaign?


  10. I have to agree with the general assessment of Foley. His appearance on Face the State was a disaster. He seems completely disengaged from Connecticut politics.

    In the interview, he claimed to be unaware of Dodd’s misdeeds. Does he not read the state’s newspapers? Certainly they were available online for him to read in Ireland.

    He’ll be lucky to get 15% at a convention.

    My take on Foley is that he’s a republican Ned Lamont… a Greenwich millionaire who thinks he can win a Republican primary by deluging the TV airwaves with self-funded commercials. Score for TV stations… but not so much so for real Connecticut residents.

    I also am doubtful that he has any intention to a run a grassroots campaign. I don’t see him going around to Town Committee meetings, the way Simmons and Caligiuri are. Does he even know that Enfield exists?

    It is commonly suspected that Foley is Kevin Rennie’s source for his columns on Dodd’s Irish cottage scandal.

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