New Dodd web ad: Making Lobbyists Cry

The financial lobbyists aren’t happy with Dodd. A recent Politico piece had the complaints of an unnamed lobbyist:

Financial lobbyists are grumbling that it’s difficult to get meetings with Dodd — and that the Connecticut Democrat engages with them only through press releases, such as the scorcher sent out last week titled “Dodd slams financial industry for opposing consumer protections.” “No one meets with Dodd. He’s not interested in reg reform. He only comes out for the press opportunities,” said one industry lobbyist.

Forgive me if I’m a little cynical about how anxious a financial industry lobbyist is to enact additional regulation of the financial industry. Clearly, having just got the Credit Card Accountability, Responsbility and Disclosure Act passed, it’s not like it’s just about the press releases.

In any event, the Dodd campaign has obviously decided to meet criticisms of being too cozy with lobbyists head on with a new web ad.


9 responses to “New Dodd web ad: Making Lobbyists Cry

  1. Good ad.

  2. Who Paid For This Dodd Ad?

  3. In any event, the Dodd campaign has obviously decided to meet criticisms of being too cozy with lobbyists head on with a new web ad.

    So now Dodd refuses to even meet with certain lobbyists and this is supposed to be evidence of what exactly? He certainly had no qualms about meeting with Washington’s influence peddlers before his poll numbers started tanking. This video is grandstanding, it’s not like Dodd will stop soliciting campaign contributions from the financial industry.

  4. Dodd can say all he wants about challenging lobbyists, but:

    a) President Transparency must’ve already addressed the ugliness of lobbyists by now, right?

    b) Dodd continues to oppose transparency and oppose good government by continuing to prove that he lied to Jane Hamsher on May 6… when he promised to ask Bernanke for the names of the banks that received the $2.2 Trillion that Bernanke printed in the past year.

    If Dodd is so concerned about healthcare and he is now willing to seriously challenge Wall Street, why doesn’t he simply pass legislation to retrieve the $2.2 Trillion that Bernanke gave to Wall Street… then Dodd can do a doubly good job on healthcare!

  5. TheRealNixon

    Give me a break Dodd! It’s pretty laughable how he couldn’t even gain better than 1st place in the Iowa Caucuses and now he has to run ads more than a year out for a Senate campaign. Chris Dodd is a joke and Connecticut isn’t going to fall for his rubbish!

  6. I have no doubt that either Dodd or his people read this blog and know the issue to which I refer. Thinking of that gave me a chuckle. Why? Because in a political sense, they know that $2.2 Trillion makes no sense. But then when Dodd turns around and tells Bernanke to return the money,

    oBEN wan kenobi says:

    Why is it that virtually everyone in America sees the Federal Reserve bailouts for what they are? Yet Dodd, Frank, Pelosi, Reid & Obama remain clueless about the issue? Oh wait… I forgot… Obama has The Dream Team… the economic dream team…

    Bernanke & Geithner

    Unreal. Obama runs against “Bush’s failed economic policies” and then promptly presses forward with the same two economic failures.

  7. HR 1207 – Audit the Fed!

    242 cosponsors, including the Rules Chair (Slaughter??) and Judiciary Chair (Conyers).

    To my liberal friends, please tell your dream team of Courtney, Delauro, Himes, Larson and Murphy to get off their tushes and put their John Hancock on Ron Paul’s HR 1207.

    Nancy Pelosi is doing the best she can to imitate Denny Hastert. That is, Bernanke told her that he will not tolerate questions. So Nancy is doing all she can to rubber stamp his demand and avoid questions.

    Unfortunately for Nancy (and fortunately for America), we’re going to get to the bottom of this stuff.

    Then there’s S604, Bernie Sanders’ equivalent. And Dodd opposes it. Dodd opposes the transparency offered by S604. Dodd is still beholden to The Banksters.

  8. Dodd opposes the transparency offered by S604. Dodd is still beholden to The Banksters.

    Darn tooten!

    Dodd knows how to keep a deal.
    Those folks paid him plenty and he’s not going to go back on his word.

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