Brinson Set to Kick Off SotS Run

Republican Corey Brinson is set to kick off a run for the Secretary of the State’s office tonight in Hartford, according to an e-mail from the campaign.

Brinson, 28, is a member of the Hartford Republican Town Committee and an attorney with his own office in town. 

The Courant wrote about Brinson’s compelling story in December 2007:

So you’ll see Brinson, ever dapper in his three-piece suit, scuttling the halls of the city’s courts as he gives a (possible) future lawyer the lay of the legal land. You’ll see him at schools and community groups, sitting on the boards of nonprofits such as the Hartford Action Plan, linking up with mentoring candidates from high school through law school in any way he can.

The kick-off event tonight will be at Hartford 21 on Trumbull Street beginning at 5:30pm, with remarks at 6pm and a reception to follow.  Parking will be validated.


9 responses to “Brinson Set to Kick Off SotS Run

  1. Bruce Rubenstein

    I think he is Veronica Airey-wilson’s relative….isnt she about to be arrested?

  2. I think he is Veronica Airey-wilson’s relative….isnt she about to be arrested?

    Nice try at smearing a woman already cleared from an attempted frame up.

    Can’t blame you though – after all she surely must appear to be nothing other than some uppity ungrateful Black to you and most other Democrats.

    Never mind the cold hard FACT that the Dems have done their level best to brainwash all minorities into believing they must vote “D” or they’ll all surely starve to death, be incarcerated and/or sold into slavery.

    Frankly as the descendant of abolitionists, this WASP has heard that nonsense once too often and am no longer inclined to tolerate it; and I’ve long ago run out of cheeks to turn.

    Corey Brinson understands who John Brown was and who Brown’s ideological heirs are.
    Some of us know exactly what Brown knew as it regards what to do with a bigot.
    There is but one sure-fire cure.

    I was there this evening – Corey Brinson sounded like a Republican to me, I can tell you that.

  3. I think he is Veronica Airey-wilson’s relative….isnt she about to be arrested?

    What’s the point of this comment?

    The article Heath linked clearly states that Brinson’s “aunt is city Councilwoman Veronica Airey-Wilson.” So, yes, he is a relative of Airey-Wilson. Then why did you bring it up?

    It sounds like you’re trying to link Brinson to his aunt, who was interviewed but not charged with a crime as a part of the grand jury investigation that led to Eddie Perez’s arrest, and, therefore, to suggest that Brinson is somehow a criminal. Never mind that if his aunt had committed a crime, chances are that she would have been led out of City Hall in handcuffs with Perez, and never mind that there’s no evidence that she is about to be arrested: Bruce says she’s about to be arrested, without any proof, so that must mean that she is about to be arrested, and thus a criminal, and, therefore, Brinson must be a criminal, too.

    That’s what this is all about, isn’t it, Bruce? A young minority announces his Republican candidacy, and you immediately try to sully his reputation, without any proof? He has the nerve to be both young and a minority, and also a registered Republican, not a Democrat — so that means he must have commited a crime, and that makes him a bad candidate. Right?

    I ask again, what’s the point of this comment? An apology is probably in order.

  4. Moderated again? Really?

  5. Moderated again? Really?

    Was it something you said??

  6. Unfortunately, I think SuzieQ will wind up running again.

  7. I attended Atty. Brinson’s rally and was very impressd. His message was clear. Let’s not focus soley on political parties. Instead CT citizens need to focus on promoting a better well being for the entire state. I think too many people get caught up in what party is so-and-so is in. If he/she can help make a change for the better in this state then who cares.

  8. I’m glad Brinson is starting now. Waiting until the convention to launch a candidacy for statewide office is too late in the process – especially for Republicans who lack name ID.

  9. Word in Waterbury is that the new state rep from Naugatuck, Rosa Rembimas is going to run for Secretary of State

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