Norwich Bulletin: Williams, Donovan Should Resign

The Norwich Bulletin is disgusted with our legislative leaders after they failed to come to any sort of agreement with the governor over the budget despite labeling the continuing fiscal crisis as their top priority back in January, and has made their displeasure pretty plain. They want Speaker Donovan and Senate President Pro Tem Williams to resign, and let someone else take over as leaders.

You said the problems facing the state were unprecedented, requiring bold and decisive action. But all we got from you was business as usual.
Consider this morning’s editorial a vote of no confidence in your abilities to provide the necessary leadership Connecticut needs. This morning, we call upon you both to step aside as “leaders” of the legislature and turn the reins over to others more capable, and who have the political courage to act.

Is that extreme? Not at all.

Williams and Donovan wasted the regular session on posturing, and then proceeded to fritter away most of the month after the end of that session nitpicking the governor’s proposal instead of drafting one of their own.

Certainly Donovan and Williams deserve a great deal of the blame for dragging this out, especially after they promised swift action. However, the governor also seems to lack the will to implement real reform. She opted instead to put forward a budget filled with the predictable, unfocused slashing of services (only to turn around and rescind one of her cuts when it proved widely unpopular) that had no chance of passing. This sort of jousting is silly, and frankly a little insulting.

There is a leadership vacuum in Connecticut. No one in charge seems to be willing to really work to change our government and our state for the better. What happened to fundamentally remaking government? That doesn’t seem to be on anyone’s radar anymore. The crisis, and the opportunity to reshape Connecticut’s government, has been wasted.

A budget may yet emerge from the meeting at the governor’s mansion this weekend. We’ll know more tomorrow. But, even if it does, it’s no real cause for celebration or relief. Our leaders have proved sluggish, ideologically bound and indecisive in the face of a real crisis.

The governor will face the voters next year–if she decides to run. Her opposition may be weak, but at least the people of Connecticut will get to have their say on her. We don’t, however, vote for Speaker or Senate President Pro Tem. And yet, their failure in this crisis is simply unacceptable. Donovan may yet prove to be a better Speaker than he seems to be right now, but Williams has had his chance and then some.

The Bulletin is right. It’s past time for better leadership in the legislature.

What do you think?

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7 responses to “Norwich Bulletin: Williams, Donovan Should Resign

  1. No, they shouldn’t resign. Whoever the Democratic leaders are would be faced with the same members, many of whom don’t want to raise taxes because they know darn well their constituencies won’t tolerate that.

    Williams and Donovan are in safe Democrat districts and can basically do anything they want and their districts will reelect them, so are anyone else who would replace them as leaders.

    At some point, the Democrats are going to have to man up and cut spending. So long as they refuse to do that, it’s going to be a long summer.

  2. Do you have a link to the full editorial?

  3. It’s an interesting exercise in thought that’s presented. But remember, if anyone tries to shoot the king… they may lose their parking space!

    No fool dare cross their lords!

  4. Personally, I come from the Ron Paul doom’n’gloom wing of the political spectrum.

    Our standard of living (nationwide) is dropping precipitously… and it’ll only get worse as the nation’s top-ranked liar (Bernanke, not the nation’s top-ranked crook – Geithner) continues to peddle his theory that he can unprint the $10 Trillion he found in “greenshoots” over the past year.

    The House of Cards is falling. I doubt Donovan and Williams even realize how bad this could get in the next couple years.

    Note though… I think America would come roaring back in the very near future. But before that happens, I feel we’ll need to come to grips with our outrageous deficit spending (for which both parties and many households are responsible).

  5. Tim,

    When are you going to run for State Rep. again? They give out free money now to finance campaigns these days.

    C’mon Tim, Vickie has the distinction of being the Democrat who currently sits in the most Republican state house district (going by voter registration statistics) currently represented by a Democrat.

  6. As long as Senate Democrats keep voting against Williams and make him look like a fool, I vote for him to stay. 🙂

  7. The Bulletin is right. It’s past time for better leadership in the legislature.

    About 10 years past time.
    That said we certainly wouldn’t want these two walking parodies to leave prior to next years elections.
    They serve as near-perfect poster children as to why the Democrats must be driven out before they can do anymore damage.

    When are you going to run for State Rep. again?

    He should; I’ve repeatedly told him so too.

    Tim thinks for himself and has the intellectual integrity to be ideologically consistent regardless of which side of the aisle that might place him as it regards specific issues.

    He’ll surely drive everyone in Hartford bats; including occasionally other members of his own party.

    That’s usually a good sign.

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