Bernier at Bat, McKinney on Deck?

Bernier Takes On Murphy over Chief of Staff

5th District challenger Justin Bernier took a shot at Rep. Chris Murphy today, calling Murphy’s hiring of a prominent lobbyist a conflict of interest:

Rep. Chris Murphy hired the mortgage industry’s head lobbyist as his Chief of Staff. Francis Creighton, Chris Murphy’s Chief of Staff as of today, was Vice President and Chief Lobbyist of the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA). MBA is the lobbying arm of the mortgage corporations that received billions of dollars in bailout money through the “TARP” program.

With government bailouts almost as unpopular as lobbyists, this approach could strike a chord with people tired of business as usual in Washington. 

National Republicans seem content to be take a wait-and-see approach to the 5th CD race this year, as The Hill reported yesterday.

McKinney Ready to Get In the Game?

GOP Senate Leader John McKinney may be getting ready to launch his Congressional campaign in the coming days, according to the same The Hill article.  They note that McKinney was widely viewed as waiting until the end of the budget process in the state legislature. 

With that process not likely to conclude in the near future – unless the Governor surprises us all and signs the budget she has criticized almost daily – the start of a new FEC quarter seems like a logical kickoff point in the 4th CD.

McKinney’s bid, along with that of Manchester Mayor Frank Guinta in New Hampshire, will be prominently-featured Congressional races for the GOP.

Sources: Bernier e-mail to supporters “Murphy Hires Chief Mortgage Lobbyist” June 29, 2009. 

Blake, Aaron.  “Northeastern 2010 GOP Picture Taking Shape”, The Hill June 28, 2009.  Retrieved at The Hill on June 29, 2009.


4 responses to “Bernier at Bat, McKinney on Deck?

  1. Somebody registered back in December. I suspect he’s been ready to go for a while.

  2. Weicker Liker


    This Chris Murphy hire won’t gain any traction.

    Remember, Murphy had the daughter of a former Connecticut Congressman/now lobbyist on his staff when he took office in 2007..

    Was not an issue

  3. What is it with this whole lobbyist thing? Lobbyists are generally well educated, well connected intelligent people. Just because they work for an industry or issue that one finds less than kosher doesn’t mean they aren’t qualified for a position or a job. Being the lobbyist for an arm of the banking industry during the TARP discussions doesn’t mean anything illegal or wrong happened, he was doing his job, you may not agree with what they were pushing for, but that doesn’t make him bad, evil or unqualified.

    Get over this lobbyist thing…not every lobbyist, advocate or concerned person is the next coming of Jack Abramoff.

    And, seriously, the Mckinney/Himes race is a helluva lot more interesting than Bernier taking shots at a new, well qualified, hire. In fact, now that I think about it, wasn’t Bernier an “advocate” for the military and the sub-base under Simmons? Can’t have it both ways, some lobbyists/advocates are bad, sure, just like some doctors, nurses, politicians, librarians (no offense Genghis) and wall street brokers are bad…doesn’t make them all bad, because if it does, than Mr. Bernier is equally as bad as Mr. Murphy’s new Chief of Staff.

  4. Regarding lobbyists, I think that is much more of an issue this cycle than it has been in the past – especially considering Murphy’s new Chief of Staff worked in the mortgage industry. I’d be surprised, however, if it becomes a major problem for the Congressman (but who knows).

    Bernier’s campaign’s future will be determined in substantial part by his fundraising numbers from this quarter. I hope he does well.

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