Lamont Still Considering Gubernatorial Run

Ned Lamont, according to this article published in the Day, is still thinking about running for governor next year.

lamontI hope he does get in, though not necessarily because I’d want him to win (I currently don’t have a favorite candidate in the race at all), but because he’d bring a much-needed media spotlight on the neglected governor’s race.

Let’s be honest, Chris Dodd’s race is going to suck all the air out of the room again, much like Joe Lieberman’s troubles did during the last gubernatorial cycle. The result was a rather lackluster and vague campaign on the part of the incumbent. Jodi Rell didn’t need to do much to win big. People were focused on national issues, and the gubernatorial race never made much of an impression. Her formless, unfocused but incredibly strong popularity carried her through (i.e., people liked her, but might have had trouble explaining what she’d done in office to earn their vote). The same thing could happen again, and it shouldn’t. The attention a well-known figure like Lamont would bring could put this race back in people’s minds, where it belongs. Dan Malloy, Jim Amann and Susan Bysiewicz may be able to do that, eventually, but none of them would get the kind of instant attention Lamont would.

There’s probably many months between now and when Lamont and Rell will make up their minds about whether to run, so we’ll have plenty of time to speculate. Connecticut could really use a high-profile governor’s race, though–it’s been far too long.


10 responses to “Lamont Still Considering Gubernatorial Run

  1. johningreenwich

    I watched him lose to Nickerson in 1990 for State Senate in a real 3-way race where Nickerson ran agains 12-year incumbant and local favorite Benny Benvenuto. Then he lost in 2008…. All Republicans should hope he gets the nomination for Governor, because he’s even more out of his league for that office than the former ones.

    Run Ned run!

  2. It’s all fun conversation but when the day is over, Malloy vs Rell and Rell wins.

  3. Chris, unfortunately you strike me as someone who loves watching car wrecks and fights at hockey games.

    Races become “high profile” when there’s actually a contest going on which let’s face it, there wasn’t in 1998, 2002 and 2006 for the Governor’s office.

    Lamont’s entry in the race may get your juices flowing for the Democratic primary cycle but seriously, if he were to emerge victorious from that, Rell will hand his backside to him in the general election and you’ll be all bored again. Jodi Rell is a master at making the Democrats look foolish and if she runs again, it won’t even be a contest no matter who’s unfortunate enough to have to run against her.

    I’m sorry to say but you might as well just not even bother paying attention to the race next year since it won’t have the drama you so badly desire.

    For the non-drama queens in the audience, the outcome will validate Rell’s common sense approach to governing the state as opposed to the lefties who want it all so long as someone else to pays for it.

  4. Ah, Brenda, you’re a special kind of troll who is just begging for the ol’ banhammer. I noticed you baiting people on other threads, and now you’re trying to bait me by ignoring what I actually posted. Knock it off.

  5. Chris, I didn’t ignore what you posted, I simply don’t agree with most of it. You seem to think there’s a great need to “bring a much needed media spotlight” to the governor’s race which I don’t agree with. What’s the need for that? Rell’s record speaks for itself over her five years as Governor. Quite frankly, the last thing the voters need is a media circus which (other than providing “drama” for you and a few other political junkies) will probably be more of a disservice to the voters in the long run. I also don’t agree with your comment that just because there isn’t a media circus surrounding a political campaign absolutely does not mean that the races isn’t in the minds of the voters. With that comment, you’re insulting the electorate which is an opinion that you’re certainly entitled to but let’s face it, it’s an offensive opinion on many levels.

    I didn’t want to pick apart the rest of your points for fear that you’d take it personally which unfortunately turned out to be true and now you’re threatening to “banhammer” me or whatever you call it simply because I disagree with you. That’s just plain wrong and you should know better.

  6. Since Mr. Lamont has had some experience, partially successful, in running against senators in his own party, wouldn’t the logical next step for him be to run against Sen. Chris Dodd?

    Now that might be an interesting campaign, particularly if he aims his arrows in the right direction, say, here:

  7. Here are the first few graphs of the story:

    If it looks like a campaign contribution and acts like a campaign contribution, is it still a campaign contribution?

    U.S. Sen. Christopher J. Dodd, who since the illness of Sen. Edward Kennedy has taken on the latter’s key role in shaping health care legislation, is getting some generous political support from the nation’s drug companies as he girds for a tougher-than-expected re-election campaign.

    The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, a trade group whose 30 members include some of the nation’s biggest drug companies, and Families USA, a liberal health care advocacy organization, are sponsoring a glitzy television and direct mail campaign lauding the five-term incumbent for making health care “more affordable for the people of Connecticut.”

    The costly campaign features both a television commercial and a four-color flier mailed to state residents proclaiming that “On The Issues That Matter Most To Connecticut Families, Chris Dodd Has Been There For Us.”

    The flier also urges Dodd’s constituents to call him in Washington and “tell him thanks for standing up for us.”

    The trade group’s members include three Connecticut-based companies: Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals of West Haven, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals of Ridgefield, and Purdue Pharma LP of Stamford,

    A spokesman for the trade group was not immediately available for comment.

  8. It’s all fun conversation but when the day is over, Malloy vs Rell and Rell wins.

    It’ll be a repeat of 1978 Ella Grasso / Ronald Sarasin

    Poor Ron; he’d come out for something;

    “Connecticut needs better protection for three-eyed green space aliens; it’s time people stopped discriminating against green space aliens!”

    To which Grasso would reply something like:

    “I’m so glad Mr. Sarasin brought up green space aliens. As most of you might recall one of the first things I did in Congress was to sponsor The Three Eyed Green Space Alien Protection Act which drew wide bi-partisan support and has been the law of the land since it’s passage.
    I had no idea Mr. Sarasin was so concerned about their plight and I pledge to continue to see federal law enforced here as it regards them.”

    Then she would finish it off by really sticking the knife in with something like:
    I’m proud to live in a state where both candidates for Governor are so concerned……….

    Similarly, Jodi with superior staff and research, will undoubtedly do the same to whoever is unlucky enough to wind up in the ring with her.

  9. We’ve been going through this “will Lamont/won’t Lamont run for Gov.” saga since at least February. Has the former Democratic Senate nominee gone to any DTC’s? Has he made the right phone calls and visits the top Dems in the state?

    I don’t doubt that Lamont is considering a run, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he just wants to play a role in the larger policy debate in CT.

  10. I like Ned Lamont, I voted for him. The reality is he can’t win a general election. I agree with ebpie, I too don’t doubt he’s considering a run but I think he’s smart enough to know it’s a losing cause. If the economy was strong, the people of Connecticut would probably have more of a stomach for liberal tax and spend policies but not in 2010.

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