Reaction to New Haven Firefighter Ruling

From NBC 30 come these videos:

John DeStefano reacts:

Karen Torre, attorney for the firefighters:

I am not convinced, despite the spin coming out now, that this really hurts Sonia Sotomayor’s chances of becoming a Supreme Court justice. It was, after all, a 5-4 decision, and the justice she would be replacing made the same decision as she did.


One response to “Reaction to New Haven Firefighter Ruling

  1. John DeStefano was absolutely shredded by the Alito concurrence, and rightfully so. Read it — it ain’t pretty:

    Also, while I agree that this case won’t have an impact on Sotomayor’s nomination, all of the judges agreed that summary judgment — the lower court’s holding, affirmed by Sotomayor — was grossly inappropriate.

    New Haven broke the law, period.

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