At the Stroke of Midnight

The state’s new fiscal year starts tomorrow regardless of whether or not there is a budget in place for it.  Legislative leaders and the Governor are working on a deal, but things don’t sound promising.  From CT News Junkie:

“We’re certainly meeting and it would be our goal obviously to have a budget agreement in place before the end of the fiscal year, but on a personal note I think it’s more important that we get it right rather than simply making it happen,” Rell said Monday.

Legislative leaders and the Governor emerged from Sunday’s meeting at the Governor’s Mansion under a negotiated cease fire agreement, which has quieted the press release war that was ferociously waged last week by the two sides, but has also stifled the flow of information out of the talks.

If no deal is struck, the Governor is ready to govern as Queen Jodi if necessary, operating the state government by executive order:

“The governor has said that she has an executive order ready to go, and that executive order will keep the government running smoothly on July 1… with no disruptions,” her spokesman, Chris Cooper, said.

The budget that passed the Legislature last week was regarded as farcical even by some Legislative Democrats while the Governor continues to dig in against tax hikes (though you never know).

Policy makers, pundits, and observers are left to wonder: who will blink first?


5 responses to “At the Stroke of Midnight

  1. AndersonScooper

    Too bad we don’t have a Democrat as governor.

    Then the buck might stop somewhere, and perhpas we’d enjoy real accountability.

    Of course this comment will draw knee-jerk reactions from CTLP’s ‘wingers, claiming that a Democrat would have hiked taxes already. But that would not be the true dynamic, as a Democratic governor would be the person most reluctant to raise taxes, particularly heading into an election cycle. Think about it. He or she would wear those tax increases a la Weicker.

    Instead, under our current system, much of the power rests with the CT House and Senate leadership, whose names are probably known by less than 20% of the voting populace, and each of whom will never be voted out of office, regardless.

    That, and a weak Republican governor who has little power or influence over the Democratic super-majorities outside of her veto powers, and who, mark my words, now will say “yes” to the coming tax increases, –after having played out this sad charade over the last six months. (there will be a bunch of talk about having to forward, and then she’ll claim victory for having prevented bigger tax increases.)

    Honestly, has no one noticed that divided government hasn’t worked very well for Connecticut? What this state needs is a Democratic governor to knock heads and crack the whip in dealing with the Democratic legislature, and one who will take first-hand responsibility for the result.

  2. [checks watch] 4 hours to go till Connecticut turns into a pumpkin.

  3. two minutes to go… do they have a budget yet?

  4. Maybe someone forgot to include the $36 million annual slush fund for the Speaker / Guv / Senate Prez?

    Or maybe they need to add money to ensure they can paint lines for legislative parking spaces?

    IMO, this rests more on Donovan and Williams. They need to learn to lead their caucuses. They should play The Heavy on nonsense like a state polka song or the state cookie. Instead they let their members delay real issues (like a budget)… so in turn they can keep their leadership posts.

    It’s a joke.

  5. Do they have a budget yet?

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