Welcome to Adam Talbot

I’m very pleased to announce that we have taken a new liberal blogger on board: Vernon native Adam Talbot! He is an undergraduate student at Georgetown University pursuing a major in Government with a minor in Mandarin Chinese. In addition to having recently completed an internship with the Human Rights Campaign, Adam has experience working and volunteering for Ned Lamont for U.S. Senate, the CCAG summer canvass, and the 2008 Obama campaign.

He looks forward to writing for CTLP and hopes the experience will hone his opinions and forge some new friendships.

A big welcome to Adam! We had a crowded and extremely talented field, and I was humbled and grateful for the interest in this position. I’m looking forward to what Adam will bring to our site, please make him feel welcome here.

Conservative Blogger Position

I am still waiting to get information from a person or two about this position, though I haven’t made any kind of decision yet. If you are interested and want to get in a last-second application, email me before the end of the day tomorrow. I’m looking at you, longtime commenters!


9 responses to “Welcome to Adam Talbot

  1. I’d like to try it, but I probably spend too much time on my own blog… decent traffic though… excepting the “Dodd spike” of March / April, I’ve been in the 4000 to 5000 unique visits per mo range for a year now… with a general upward trend.

    I’m thinking about a guest post for Sunday though. I think it’d be nice to provide Senator Dodd with a “thank you” on the two month anniversary of his lie… er… uhh… promise to Jane Hamsher about how he intended to ask for the names of his campaign contributors… er… uhh… the names of the banks that got the $2.2 Trillion that Bernanke printed for his Wall Street cronies.

  2. And almost forgot… welcome Adam.

  3. Thank you Genghis and thank you Tim for the kind introduction and welcome. Hope to have my first post up very soon!

  4. Welcome Adam!

  5. AndersonScooper

    Congrats Adam.


    My condolences to all you Caligiuri-loving, winger-whiners, who will watch Sam the Yale Divinity School man ultimately bail, and then be forced to suffer the long, boring summer of a Rob Simmons candidacy!

    Forget everything else. I’ll wager the farm against Rockin’ Rob and his stupid tie collection. Honestly, I’ll double each and everyone’s bets. Any takers?

  6. Adam, as a former member of CCAG, a good government group, will you be addressing ethics in state government?

  7. Welcome Adam…and thank God!!! If there’s one thing that’s been lacking on this site, it’s been a liberal perspective.

  8. wtfdnucsailor

    Welcome to the club Adam. I am looking forward to your posts.

  9. Adam, as a former member of CCAG, a good government group, will you be addressing ethics in state government?

    That’s one of my sub-interests, though I don’t feel like anything close to an authority on it. But then again, it would seem that one of the fundamental aspects of blogging is to speak confidently on issues of which one may lack a comprehensive knowledge. Heh.

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