Stamford: No Democratic Primary

Democrats won’t have a primary for mayor in Stamford as one of the contenders has dropped out:

Board of Finance member Tim Abbazia dropped out of the mayoral race Thursday, conceding the Democratic nomination to city Rep. David Martin and leaving him to face off against Republican candidate Michael Pavia. (Morganteen)

The mayor’s chair is an open seat this year for the first time in many, many years as longtime Mayor Dan Malloy is stepping down to focus on a run for governor. Malloy narrowly won re-election as mayor during his last gubernatorial campaign in 2005. This is a seat that both parties believe they can win.

Another interesting tidbit in this story is the incredible amounts of money being raised for this race. Pavia, according to his treasurer, has raised $142,298. Martin had about $70,000 back in April.

Morganteen, Jeff. “Abbazia ends bid for city hall, averts Democratic primary.” Stamford Advocate 3 July, 2009.


One response to “Stamford: No Democratic Primary

  1. That’s too bad. I think primaries are the best way for the VOTERS to choose their candidate.

    A primary would have left Pavia standing there wondering who he should focus on while the two Democrats would have been campaigning against Pavia for the whole summer.

    This actually helps Pavia more than it hurts him.

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