Murphy: Lieberman "Dead Wrong" on Public Option

From Face the State this Sunday:

CTBlogger has the rest of the interview up at MLN.


11 responses to “Murphy: Lieberman "Dead Wrong" on Public Option

  1. I like Chris Murphy. I guess I’ll just have to agree to disagree with him on this.

  2. I like where he is on this. He’s not demagoging or shouting, just making the case.

  3. I would not be surprised to see Murphy run against Lieberman in 2012, and win.

  4. AndersonScooper

    I thought it was Blumenthal’s turn?

    In politics good things always come to those who wait their turn, no?

  5. In politics good things always come to those who wait their turn, no?

    And wait, and wait, and wait, and wait…

  6. Sounding quite “Senatorial” I believe!

  7. I would not be surprised to see Murphy run against Lieberman in 2012, and win.

    I highly doubt he’d defeat Lieberman. Out of my respect for the loyal opposition, I voted for Lamont in 2006 but if Murphy is on the Democrat line and Lieberman is a petitioning candidate, the Republicans will do the same thing they did last time, give their candidate (if there even is one) 12% of the vote and a large majority of them will vote for Lieberman (again) and Murphy will lose.

    I’ll do my part and vote for Murphy because as I mentioned earlier, I genuinely like him but among Republicans, I am in a very small minority.

  8. AndersonScooper


    In a 3-way race, do you honestly believe your GOP leadership could get away with fielding nobody. (or a nobody?)

    You’d have to make a play for the seat, and who knows, maybe you pull it off.

  9. Anderson,

    I honestly don’t understand your question. Your tone suggests that whatever you mean by “GOP Leadership” has a whole lot more power than you give whoever that is credit for.

    If a large majority of Connecticut’s voters are fed up with the Democrat’s handling of things in Washington in 2012, you can be sure that at least one viable Republican candidate will be running for the seat. Look at 2010, if Chris Dodd wasn’t in so much personal trouble with the voters, there wouldn’t be any Republican interested in waging a losing campaign against him in 2010.

    All of these things happen (or don’t happen) completely independently of whatever your notion of “GOP Leadership” does or thinks.

  10. However if Obama is doing wonderfully and everything is all peaches and cream with the US economy then no Republican has a chance to defeat Lieberman if he were to run again in 2012.

    Like it or not, Lieberman is well liked by people in this state including many Republicans and unaffiliated voters.

    Sorry scoop, I know you lefties REALLY want a reasonably effective Republican candidate on the ballot in 2012 so your dream of Murphy walking between Lieberman and the Republican and winning will be realized but I guess you just can’t have everything.

  11. AndersonScooper

    Hey, if the best you guys can do is roll-over in favor Lieberpuke that’s okay.

    Lieberman won’t be the Dem nominee, that’s the one thing that’s for sure.

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