RIP – Professor John Orman Former head of CT for Lieberman Party

Just heard some very sad news – the sudden death yesterday of Professor John Orman, of Fairfield University. . Dr. Orman was Department Chair of Politics at Fairfield University, having been a member of faculty since 1978 and a former Teacher of the Year. He encouraged his students to participate in politics and not to just be bystanders. Always one to lead by example, he ran as the Democratic candidate for the 4th Congressional District in 1984 against incumbent Republican Stewart McKinney, saying he saw it as “an opportunity to discuss national issues and represent a progressive constituency.” After the election Orman welcomed Rep. McKinney to his classroom to meet with students.

Dr. Orman was a longtime critic of Sen. Joe Lieberman. In 2000, he filed a complaint with the State Election Commission when Lieberman sought to run for the Senate and the Vice-Presidency at the same time.

In 2005, he briefly ran for Senate against Lieberman, before giving up the race due to lack of money. Later, when Joe formed the “CT for Lieberman” party for the sole purpose of his Senate run, Orman staged one of the most amusing pieces of political theater post-election when he took over Lieberman’s party. He was a wonderful man with a terrific sense of humor, something that is all too often lacking in politics these days. He will be greatly missed.

Below is a video (courtesy of CTBob) of the first meeting of the CT for Lieberman party.


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