Seymour GOP Chair to Resign

The chair of Seymour’s RTC is resigning after being charged with impersonating a police officer.

Brian F. Koskelowski’s resignation comes less than a week after state police arrested him when they said he attempted to pull another driver over on Route 8 by using a blue light bar on his minivan.
Koskelowski, 44, a volunteer firefighter, maintains he flashed the light bar Wednesday to alert the driver of a dark-colored SUV who sped past him while driving in the breakdown lane, and denies he was trying to pull over the driver.
Koskelowski, the son of First Selectman Robert J. Koskelowski, said he is stepping down on his own accord. (Leonard)

He seems to enjoy doing this, he paid a fine after pulling someone over in 2008. Give a guy a flashing light to put on his car…

Leonard, Quannah. “Seymour GOP chairman to resign in wake of arrest.” Republican-American 7 July, 2009.


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