Governor No

Jodi Rell has been busy with the veto pen lately. Most recently, she vetoed a bill that would have allowed MDC to use ratepayer money for museum exhibits, including one at the new Science Center in Hartford. Her reasoning is that ratepayers don’t need another charge passed along to them right now.

Rell also vetoed a package of real estate conveyances, because the land would not sell for very much in the present market.

Rell has now vetoed more bills in a year even than Lowell Weicker. Her total is sixteen.

She has the option of vetoing a package of health care reforms today, and, if her past history is any indication, she will do so. However, relying on past history is never safe with this governor. After all, one bill she didn’t veto was the one providing for a special election in the case of a Senate vacancy, something she had previously spoken against and which infringes on the executive authority of the governor.

Why the veto tear? Many of the bills are being torpedoed because of cost (including the Democratic budget), though that isn’t her only reason.

Democrats will have the option of overriding her vetoes at a special session later this summer. Usually only one or two bills have enough support to be passed over the governor’s objections.


2 responses to “Governor No

  1. There was A LOT wrong with the real estate conveyance bill. Here’s a comment from Democrat State Rep. Megna:

    State Rep Robert Megna wrote on Jul 8, 2009 7:18 AM:
    ” I am happy for this veto because of Section 22 of HB6695, the conveyence bill. It was a sleazy move to cheat CL & P electricity customers out of the profit from the sale of 22 acres of electric utility property. Normally any profit from the sale of electric utility property goes back to the electric customers. They attmepted to bypass the legal process and place the profits in their shareholders pockets. Bravo to this veto. ”

    That’s just the tip of the iceberg. MANY legislators knew this bill was bad. It barely made it out of the Legislature literally with minutes to go before the Constitutional deadline to adjourn.

    As I as said earlier, the legislature wasted far too much time passing bad legislation that deserves to be vetoed rather than working on a budget. That is just plain wrong.

  2. So, the Governor is not just a rubber stamp for the legislature. Good for her. If the bills vetoed were really all that good, let the super majority override her veto. They have the necessary numbers to do so and have run out of excuses.

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