Rumor Time: O'Connor for Governor?

Item! The New York Post says that some Republicans are pushing former U.S. Attorney Kevin O’Connor to run for governor next year.

O’Connor would be an interesting candidate, but since it’s the Post, I’m a little dubious. But the blurb does mention the oft-repeated rumor that Jodi Rell isn’t going to run next year. Would O’Connor be a strong contender for the nomination, were that to happen?

And are these Republicans who are encouraging O’Connor to run doing so believing that Gov. Rell is not running? Or do they want him to force her out? Hmm.


7 responses to “Rumor Time: O'Connor for Governor?

  1. I think O’Conner has a future in politics, but he seems pretty content right now to sit back and make some money at Bracewell Giuliani.

    What happens if there is a vacancy for one of the state’s constitutional offices? If Blumenthal takes out Lieberman in ’12, can Rell appoint O’Conner to the seat or does he have to run for it? I think that would be the ideal way to get O’Conner back in the game.

  2. And are these Republicans who are encouraging O’Conner to run doing so believing that Gov. Rell is not running? Or do they want him to force her out? Hmm.

    They’re nuts.

  3. First off, the Post spells O’Connor’s name wrong in the headline, but got it right in the body of the story. Y tu, genghis, y tu?

    Second, O’Connor covered for Alberto Gonzales and other torture-enablers under the guise of the war on terror during his stint at Justice. Any lawyer with salt would’ve turned down the job because of the ethical issues inherent in working for an administration that actively subverted the rule of law.

    His goose would be cooked if the Dems had any fire whatsoever.

  4. LOL, I knew that was wrong. I’ll never trust the copy editing at the Post again.

  5. Kevin O would only run if Rell didn’t. If that was to happen, It would drive Democrats up a tree because they know they do not have a candidate that could beat him. It says something that in a heavy Democrat state, democrats can’t get the brass ring.

  6. If the extremists leftist tick off the Governor enough, you can be darn sure she’ll run again. If she runs again, she wins hands down.

    So there ya have it, if Williams and Donovan want to continue to be stubborn and beat their chests, then the Democrats get four MORE years of Jodi Rell in the Governor’s office.

  7. Rell will run regardless of what the “extremists leftists” do. I got a C-note that says so. Anyone willing to take me up on that?

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