Money Race: Little Cash for 2nd District Challengers

No word on how much money Rep. Joe Courtney has raised for his re-election campaign, but if the numbers his challengers are pulling in are any indication, he has nothing to worry about.

Matt Daly of Glastonbury has raised a paltry $26,855 in the second quarter, while Daria Novak of Madison has raised only about $3,800, which came almost entirely from two contributors.

At this stage, the 2nd district race seems to be one that most Republicans are giving a wide berth.

Alpert Raises $44K

CTNJ, meanwhile, reports that Democrat Merrick Alpert has managed to raise $44,000 in his quest to defeat Sen. Chris Dodd.


One response to “Money Race: Little Cash for 2nd District Challengers

  1. Yankee Doodle

    Novak has one donor listed – a “Mr. Louis, Jr Monaco, Jr.” of Allentown, Pennylvania, who donated $2,400, representing nearly 63% of her intake. Aside from about $381 in in-kind services, the rest of her haul is probably from low-dollar donors – would be interesting to see how much of that came from the district she’s running in.

    Daly already burned through about 84% of what he raised. I’d say that puts him in Sean Sullivan territory, but that wouldnt be fair to the former Captain. Even Sullivan raised slightly more (about $31K), and burned a lot less (54%) than Daly in Q2 2007.

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