Republican Incumbents Running for Another Term

Although the Democratic Party is the majority party in Connecticut, it must be a good time to be an incumbent Republican First Selectman. According to today’s New London DAY, July 17, 2009, Old Saybrook First Selectman Michael Pace and East Lyme First Selectman Paul Formica, both Republicans, are seeking another term. Rumor has it that Waterford First Selectman Dan Steward, also a Republican, will also be seeking another term.

According to the DAY, the Old Saybrook democratic selectman, Velma Thomas, plans to run for a sixth term. There is no indication that the Old Saybrook Democrats will field a First Selectman candidate. In the article regarding First Selectman Formica, the DAY reports that there are no identified or announced First Selectman candidates on the democratic side of the ticket. It is possible that the Waterford Democrats may be in the same boat, so there may be at least three First Selectmen in Southeastern Connecticut that will have a gentle campaign season.


2 responses to “Republican Incumbents Running for Another Term

  1. Seems like your headline should have been, “Republican Incumbents Running for Another Term – Unopposed”.

  2. Hank Morgan

    I’m tempted to say s0mething but I won’t

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