Fox61 Cancels "The Real Story"

This Sunday’s episode of Shelly Sindland’s local political talk show “The Real Story” will be its last, say several sources. The Laurel has the story.

It isn’t even a month after Sindland filed her discrimination complaint against Fox.

The show will air this Sunday at 10:30am.


11 responses to “Fox61 Cancels "The Real Story"

  1. This is another sad day for CT’s media. I’m glad to hear that Ms. Sindland will stay on at Fox 61, but the loss of her talk show will be felt. Hopefully Stan Simpson will pick up some of the political slack with his new program.

    WTNH should give Mark Davis his own show.

  2. AndersonScooper

    I hope Sindland nails Fox for a gigantic settlement.

    The Real Story was one of the few shows I made a point to catch every week, even if Chris Healy was too frequent a guest.

    Does anyone have access to the ratings info?

  3. AndersonScooper

    Moderated? Ugh.

  4. I’ve never seen Shelly Shinland (don’t watch local news), but why doesn’t some other station try to hire her if she’s this great reporter that everyone says she is?

    If the viewing audience she brings isn’t as good as the audience that other reporters bring, why should Fox keep her show?

  5. WTNH should give Mark Davis his own show.

    Eye on Springfield?

  6. The Hartford Advocate looked into the claims that Sindland made to management revealed in her complaint that Fox 61 “received payment for news stories”:

    In her complaint filed on July 7 with the Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities, Sindland says she raised the issue of “ethical violations related to receiving payment for news stories” on three occasions with WTIC Fox 61 News Director Bob Rockstroh, and once with Human Resources Manager Hillary Patz.

    Rockstroh dismissed the allegations in Sindland’s complaint, including the specific charge that the news is for sale at Fox 61, as “totally without merit.”

    “WTIC intends to litigate this matter in the appropriate legal forum and not in the media, and as such, has no further comment,” wrote Rockstroh in an e-mail.

  7. lamontcranston

    Does anyone have access to the ratings info?

    I don’t know about recently, but a year ago the ratings were not good. Most some weeks the show would almost get a “0” rating. Last fall when “The Real Story” had on Murphey and Cappiello, Face the State had much higher ratings that week with Boaz and DeLauro.

  8. If Fox replaces it with male role models like Al Bundy or Earl Hickey it will win the time spot.

  9. Mr. Reality

    Here’s the reality…she’s just not that good. If she was other stations would hire her.

    I think she saw the writing on the wall that Fox 61 was/is going in another direction and knowing that no one else would hire her she is worried about losing her job. Being a single parent she probably felt that her only option was to file this suit. What is undeniable is that she favors certain politicians…that’s my beef with her and because of that I find her difficult to watch.

  10. Mr. Reality

    Tom Monahan is the best in the business, not because of what he looks like or how old he is. He’s the best because he is fair and reports the story.

  11. I think she is indeed a very good political reporter. Mark Davis is a nice guy but he’s kind of a joke as a political reporter. Tom Monahan is good but not great, he’s getting kind of lazy in his old age. I don’t even know who channel 3 has anymore. Duby McDowell was great.

    I completely disagree that Sindland “favors certain politicians.” I’ve watched her cover the Capitol for quite some time now and that statement is just plain wrong.

    Sindland’s getting a raw deal here, the managers at Fox61 are clueless and they’re crude, lowlife pigs. Sure would be nice if they actually supported her over there. But no, they take away her producers and then say her show sucks. That’s like taking the wheels off of a car and wondering why it doesn’t handle as well as it did before.

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