Larson on Health Care Bill

This interview with Rep. John Larson was broadcast on FOX News earlier today.


4 responses to “Larson on Health Care Bill

  1. I really like Larson but he’s completely delusional if he thinks Obamma’s health care plan will be easily paid for with “cost savings” as opposed to raping the taxpayers.

  2. Bad suit, bad tie. The shirt’s OK.

  3. His friend Dodd could use a little help.

    A majority of Connecticut voters do not consider US Sen. Chris Dodd to be trustworthy, according to polls cited by Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post.

    Cillizza writes, “And, Dodd’s showing is mediocre across party lines. While Republicans are expectedly down on Dodd (14 percent say he is honest and trustworthy), his numbers among Democrats — not even six in ten (58 percent) self-identified Democrats view Dodd as honest and trustworthy — are troubling; among independents a whopping 61 percent say the incumbent is not honest and trustworthy.”

    Although Connecticut’s Democratic State Central Committee has passed a unanimous resolution pledging its support for Dodd, Cillizza notes, “Senate strategists almost certainly took note of the fact that state Attorney General Richard Blumenthal (D), who is widely seen as the heir apparent if Dodd steps aside, was wildly popular in the Q poll; 79 percent approved of the job he is doing while just 13 percent disapproved.”

  4. johningreenwich

    Larson could do his part to cut government health care costs by dropping a few pounds. Maybe he could team up with Dodd at the gym.

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