Norwich Has A Three Way Race For Mayor In November

Last night, July 23, 20069, was a busy night for Party caucuses in Eastern Connecticut as reported in this morning’s New London DAY.

The most significant result was in the Democratic Caucus in Norwich where Alderman Mark Bettencourt defeated Alderman and former City Manager Robert Zarnetske by a large 44-12 margin. Zarnetske is already an endorsed candidate of the Norwich For Change Party founded by a downtown businessman. As reported yesterday, Bettencourt will also be facing Republican Peter Nystrom in November. This should make for one of SE CT’s more exciting local races. Other candidates endorsed by the Democratic Party Caucus, as reported by the DAY, are: City Council – Francois “Pete” Desaulniers, Jacqueline Caron, Tucher Braddock, Deberey Hinchey, Ron Ward and Wilson Fong; Board of Education – John LeVangie, Charles Jaskiewicz, Yvette Jacaruso, Cora Lee Boulware, Joyce Werden and Jesshua Ballaro-Pina.

In Montville, the Republicans have joined forces with the Independence for Montville Party. In separate caucuses, each party endorsed their own and the other partys choices. Town Council Candidates are Republicans Ellen Hillman and Dana McFee and Independence party candidates Howard “Russ” Beetham, Jr., James Andriote, Sr., Donna B. Jacobson and Michael Brycki III. Board of Education Candidates endorsed include Republicans Tom J. McNally, Steven Loiler and Kerry M. Baxter. The Republicans also endorsed Richard Wilson for Baord of Assessment Appeals and Greg Bassetti for Zoning Board of Appeals.
The Montville Democratic Party also held its caucus and endorsed incumbent Town Councilors Rosettta Jones, John Geary, Billy Caron, Ed Radgowski, Catherine “Candy” Bubendorf and Chuch Longton and Charlie O’Bday. Democrats endorsed Board of Education Candidates Todd Pomazon, Sandra Berardy, Don Dykes, and Kenneth Strickland. Rober Thorn was endorsed for Board of Assessment Appeals and Dick Fawcett and John McNeil were endorsed for Zoning Board of Appeals. Since the Mayor has a four year term, there is no race for Mayor this year.

Both Democrats and Republicans held their caucuses last night in Lyme with the following Results.
Republlicans endorsed incumbent First Selectman Ralph F. Eno and Selectman Parker Lord for another term. The Republicans also endorsed Town Clerk Ruth Perry; Treasurer Willilam L. Hawthorne; Tax Collector Linda Ward; Board of Finance Thomas Boyd; Board of Finance Alternate Hugh Scott; Planning and Zoning Commission – David Tiffany; Zoning Board of Appeals – David Lahm; Constables- John M. Kng and Frederick Bliven; Library Board – Linnie Pickering and Brad Purcell; Board of Education – Beth Jones.
Democrats endorsed Steven Mattson for Selectman and Ruth Perry for Town Clerk and Beth Jones for Board of Education. As noted above, Perry and Jones were also endorsed by the Republicans. Other endorsed candidates are: Board of Finance – Judith Duran; Board of Assessors – Claire Sauer; Board of Assessment Appeals – James McFarland; Planning and Zoning Commission – Joan Rich; Zoning Board of Appeals – Fred Harger; Zoning Board of Appeals Alternate – Ronald Wojcik; Constable – Ronald Wojcik; and Library Board – George Willauer. It appears that First Selectman Eno will be another SE CT First Selectman Running unopposed this year.

In East Lyme it appears that there was a heated debate in the Democratic Caucus whether to cross endorse Republican Paul Formica but the Caucus ended up voting 46-24 not to endorse a Formica but rather to not run a candidate for First Selectman. Candidates endorsed by East Lyme Democrats are: Treasurer – Tony Attanasio; Town Clerk – Ester Williams; Board of Selectmen – Robert Wilson, Rose Ann Hardy and Joe Raia; Board of Finance – Jill Carini, Mike Bekech, and Stefanie Laird; Board of Education – Mary Broderick, Chris Sandford, Rich Steel, Laura Greenstein, Alisa Bradley, and Kevin Seery; Board of Assessment Appeals – Joan Schwartz and Abraham Fisher; Planning Commission – Lisa Picasrazzi; Planning Commission Alternates – Alvin Sher and Drew Kenney; Zoning Commission – Ed Gada; and Zoning Commission Alternates – Willam Dwyer and Jean DeGrooth.

Town of Groton Democrats endorsed the following candidates last night: Town Council – Catherine Kolnaski, Paulann Sheets, Katheryn Brown-Tracy, Rita Schmidt, Bill Johnson, Mary Kelly, Meredith Russell, Lisa Luck, and George Swift; Board of Education – Patricia Doyle, Beverly Washington, and Dave Ferreira; Town Clerk – Betsy Moukawsher; Representative Town Meeting (RTM) District 1 – Joe Baril, Dee Harrell, and Damon Helme; RTM District 2 – Jean-Claude Amboise, Syma Ebbin, and Patrice Granatosky; RTM District 3 – Alicia Bauer, Michael Collins, and Elizabeth Luck; RTM District 4 – Nancy Driscoll; RTM District 5 – Warren Cooper, June Evered, Cheryl Tilney, Jonathan Foisy, and Sandray Ramos-Morales; RTM District 6 – Robert Garcia, Richard Pasqualini, and John Scott; RTM District 7 – Carole McCarthy, Peter Fairbank, James Loughlin JR., Mark Svencer, and Elizabeth Williams; and RTM District 8 – Genevieve Cerf, Donald Pratt, Nancy Congdon, and Mark Porizky.

So, although there will not be contests at the top, there are plenty of contests in the lower offices.


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