New Britain Mayor's Race Shapes Up

One of the most interesting municipal races of the year is shaping up in New Britain as local parties nominated their candidates for Mayor last night.

On the Republican side, incumbent Tim Stewart was nominated to run for his fourth term as Mayor of the Hardware City.  Stewart, widely known for his hard hitting style, has held the line on taxes in troubled New Britain and worked hard to improve its situation.

His daughter, Erin, gave the nominating speech:

“I may be a little biased when I say this, but dad has been one of the greatest mayor’s New Britain’s ever seen,” she said. “It is my honor to nominate dad, I mean our mayor, Timothy T. Stewart, to serve New Britain again.”

The New Britain Democrats nominated their own Tim to lead their city – State Rep. Tim O’Brien.

“I am deeply humbled by the many people from across New Britain who have asked me to run for mayor,” O’Brien said.

O’Brien, 40, will give Stewart a strong challenge as Democrats outnumber Republicans by a 4-1 margin. 

Given the structural advantages for O’Brien, and the toughness of Stewart, this race could go right down to the wire in November.


One response to “New Britain Mayor's Race Shapes Up

  1. C’mon health, this race will hardly “go down to the wire.” Stewart is a three term Mayor with three decisive wins under his belt. Tim O’Brien is a nice guy an’ all but he’s not a serious challenge to Stewart.

    If Stewart had done something drastically wrong in his last term and people were indeed calling for his head on a platter (as New Britain residents were with Lucian Pawlak in 2003) then I can guarantee you that the heavy weight Democrats would all be lining up to run against Stewart.

    O’Brien is only running because no one else will. After all, he’s really got nothing to lose so why not?

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