NLON DEMS Dump Head of School Board

The major headline in This morning’s New London DAY , July 29, 2009, Region Section was who was not on the New London Democratic Caucus’s list of candidates. New London Board of Education President Elaine Maynard-Adams was left off of the democratic ticket last night. Candidates nominated last night were: City Council – Michael Buscetto III, who is also a candidate for City Manager, Wade Hyslop, John Maynard, Margaret ‘Peg’ Curtin, Mark Matson, Marie McSparran, and Michael Passero; Board of Education – Susan Connolly, Alvin Kinsall, Bill Morse, Elizabeth Garcia-Gozalez, Sherry Brooks, Louise Hanrahan, and Dellanna Muse.

Other Eastern Connecticut Towns Candidates nominated in the last two days are:

Town of Groton Republicans: Town Council – Frank ‘Mick’ O’Beirne, Bruce Flax, Dean Antipas, Deborah Montiero, Harry Watson, Matt Morton, Robert Westhaver, James Streeter, and Deborah Peruzzotti; Board of Education – Bob Peruzzotti, Chaz Zezulka, Dan Campbell, and Kristen Hoyt; Town Clerk – Nicki Bresnyan; Representative Town Meeting (RTM) District 1- Karin Adams, Laurie Briggs, and Dana Parfitt; RTM District 2 – Jackie Massett and Kevin Trejo; RTM District 3 – Irma Streeter, Nancy Moffett, Eleanor Scussell, and Keith Hedrick; RTM District 4 – Nancy Barnhart; RTM District 5 – Betty Prochaska, Joan Steinford, Nancy Gilley, Michael Johnson and Thomas Vivirito; TRM District 6 – Jennifer Smuts, Nancy Beckwith, Tim Plungis and James Moulding; RTM District 7 – Kevin Power, Rob Warn, Marie Zezulka, and Peter Bartinik, Jr. and RTM District 8 – Lynn Hubbard, Jack Sebastian, Scot Newsome, Karen Morton, and Frances Camarata.

Old Saybrook Democrats: First Selectman – Retiring OS Police Lieutenant Adam Stuart; Selectman – Carol Manning; Town Clerk – Joan Strickland; Board of Finance – Glenis Caouette, Jon Duig, Dan Moran, and Barry O’Nell; Board of Finance (two Year Term) – John O’Brien; Board of Education – Eileen Baker, Karen Brodeur, Salvatrice Keating, Sharon Linder, and John Claffey; Board of Assement Appeals – Cornelius McCrudden; Planning Commission – Janis Esty; Planning Commission Alternate – Cathryn Flannigan; Zoning Commission – Elizabeth Steffen; Zoning Commission Alternate – Joh Duhig and John Talbot; Zoning Board of Appeals – Ihsan Akin; Zoning Board of Appeals Alternate – Hank Kelsey and Mary Kennedy; Police Commission – Richard Metsack, Emilio Scamporino, Edward Wihelm, and Thomas Zemieneski; Parks and Recreation Commission – Rober Burke, and Alan Spargo; Harbor Management Commission – Michael O’Neill. No Nominations for Tax Collector or Town Treasurer.

North Stonington Republicans – First Selectman – Nicholas H. Mullane II, running for 13th Term; Selectman – Shawn Murphy; Town Clerk – Norma Holliday; Treasurer – Robin Roohr; Board of Education – Bob Testa and Chris Hundt.
North Stonington Democrats – First Selectman – Marilyn Mackay; Selectman – Bill Briscoe; Board of Finance – Tom Oswald; Board of Education – Crystal Dame, and Bill Hescock.
North Stonington also has a petitioning candidate for First Selectman – Edmund Scarchilli

Ledyard Democrats – Town Council – David Holdridge, Mary McGrattan, Billl Saums, Sharon Wadecki, Greg Wong, and Naomi Rodriguez; Board of Education – Sharon Hightower, Paul Kunkermoeller, John Phetteplace, Michelle Hinton, Glen Graebner, and Jerry Tobias.

Salem Republicans – First Selectman – Unaffiliated Kevin Lyden, who was also endorsed by the Democrats; Selectman – Bob Ross, another Unaffiliated candidate who was endorsed by the Democrats; Town Clerk – Patricia Cristanti, who ws also endorsed by the Democrats; Board of Finance Alternate – Georgia Pech, and Roland Trailor; Board of Education – Robert Green, Susan Nikirk, Stephen Buck, and Christoperh LaRose; Board of Assessment Appeals – Robert Green; Planning and Zoning Committee – Elbert Burr, and Gerald Nikirk; Planning and Zoning Committee Alternate – Vernon Smith; Zoning Board of Appeals – Michael Mullen; Zoning Board of Appeals Alternate – Sandra Kozlowski; and Library Trustees – Micelle Guertin and Lois Wordell.

Old Lyme Democrats – First Selectman – No Endorsement; Selectman – Bonnie Reemsnyder; Town Clerk – Eileen Coffee, who was also endorsed by Republicans; Board of Finance – David Woolley; Board of Finance Alternate – Ann Coburn, and Maggie Ward; Board of Education – Allison Hine, a Republican, Nanette Salvino, Dianne Linderman, and Paul Fuchs; Planning Commission – Joan Bozek; Zoning Commission – Joan Cable; Zoning Board of Appeals – Joe St. Germain.

Stonington Democrats – First Selectman – Incumbent Ed Haberek; Selectman – George Crouse; Town Clerk -Cindy Ldwig; Tax Collector – Republican Gisela Harma; Treasurer – Republican Martha Booker; Board of Finance – Sandy Grimes; Board of Education – Gail MacDonald, Kevin Bornstein, and Deb Trudeau; Bord of Assessment Appeals – Betty Richards; Constables – Sandy Grimes; Bob Suchy, David Santos and Paul Altman.

Griswold Republicans – According to an on line article from the New London DAY the Griswold Republicans submitted a blank sheet for candidates today at the Griswold Town Hall leaving the Republican candidates in limbo. They may all have to petition to get on the ballot in November. That should be interesting.


7 responses to “NLON DEMS Dump Head of School Board

  1. lamontcranston

    Is a NLON anything like a Cylon?

  2. More to the point: Is Number Six running for anything? And does she need a campaign manager?

  3. Griswold Republicans – According to an on line article from the New London DAY the Griswold Republicans submitted a blank sheet for candidates today at the Griswold Town Hall leaving the Republican candidates in limbo. They may all have to petition to get on the ballot in November. That should be interesting.

    That New London Day article is so inaccurate it’s ridiculous. First off, it wasn’t a caucus, the Griswold Republican bylaws say the endorsing body is the RTC not a caucus. There was no caucus. Secondly, the bylaws say anyone who is a candidate cannot chair the Town Committee meeting that endorses candidates which means Aho and Hatfield couln’t chair the meeting since they were candidates.

    Aho had no business submitting a certification saying there were no endorsed candidates, because the RTC met and endorsed candidates. He just got all pissy because he doesn’t know how to run a meeting and he obviously didn’t know what his own local rules were.

    The article also wrongly said:

    it is not clear whether the candidates will find themselves on the ballot as Republicans or as petitioning candidates.

    Now that’s just plain stupid. If the endorsement is determined to be invalid (which by the way won’t happen no matter how much Aho complains about it), the Republican candidates will pull PRIMARY petitions, not nominating petitions. They will not be “petitioning candidates” (on a petitioning line) in November.

    What I find very unfortunate in this case is that the reporter for the New London Day clearly doesn’t have the first clue about election law and she did a very poor job of getting any of the facts straight. This is absolutely pathetic.

    By the way, Hatfield and Aho participated in the RTC meeting and voted to endorse all of the candidates (including themselves) yet Aho goes and files a certification that says “no endorsed candidates,” what an absolute idiot!

    Candidates were properly endorsed and will be on the ballot on the Republican line, not as “petitioning candidates.”

    Sorry wtfdsaylor, not much drama here, nothing to see here, move along.

  4. ChesterNews

    Chester Democrats Nominate Chuck Della Rocco for First Selectman

    Town Democrats Tuesday nominated Chuck Della Rocco for First Selectman on a ticket with former finance board and planning and zoning commission member Lawrence Sypher as the candidate for Board of Selectman.

    Della Rocco, a former Old Saybrook police officer and current member of the local school board, was nominated on a unanimous voice vote of about 30 Democrats gathered at the Chester Meeting House. Sypher, a lifelong resident, runs a local internet technology consulting business called Sydell Associates. He replaces former First Selectman and incumbent Selectman Martin Heft as the party’s candidate for Board of Selectmen.

  5. Mr. Reality

    Wow!!! Michael Mullen is running for Zoning Board of Appeals Alternate!!! Thank you so much for posting this important information. I don’t know why you didn’t make this its own thread…I mean it is the town of Salem for crying out loud!!!

  6. wtfdnucsailor

    Judging from articles in both the New London DAY and the Norwich Bulletin the situation for the Griswold Republican candidates will not be resolved until around August 10 when someone from State Central rules on which letter is the actual candidate list. And this isn’t interesting?

  7. On the contrary wtfdsaylor, this isn’t “interesting” it’s actually pretty boring.

    The Republican State Central dispute committee will meet on August 10th but probably won’t render a decision until after the August 12th deadline for the submission of primary petitions, but let’s face it, there’s no way the dispute committee can side with Aho and Hatfield on this one.

    Just to be on the safe side, if the endorsed Republicans were smart, they’d pull primary petitons which last I heard, they were planning on doing (or at this point, may have already done so).

    Just to summarize the facts:
    1. Aho and Hatfield could not have chaired the meeting according to local party rules since they were both candidates.
    2. Someone else chaired the meeting, the Town Committee endorsed candidates, with Aho and Hatfield participating in the meeting and voting to endorse said candidates.
    3. A proper certification of endorsement was submitted to the Town Clerk listing those candidiates.

    Everything is fine so far until Aho submitted a form saying “no endorsed candidates” which was absolutely wrong, misleading, unfair and done in spite. Because of his irresponsible actions, the State Party has to intervene and his actions have caused hardship for the endorsed Griswold Republican candidates as well as the State Party.

    Looks like Aho’s days as Griswold RTC chairman are numbered. He might make it to the end of his regular term but based on his ridiculous behavior here, there might just be the 2/3rds votes on the present RTC to remove him sooner.

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