Friday Night News Dump

Hoo boy, long week. Here are some stories that may have slipped under the radar.

  • Chef Alice Waters raised some hackles at the Connecticut Forum in May when she ordered shark fin soup. She now says, “I support Humane Society International’s efforts to end this unsustainable practice, and I encourage other chefs and culinary industry leaders to do the same.” Chalk another one up to big Selachimorpha?
  • New Haven Democrats endorsed John DeStefano for a ninth term. If he wins, he will be city’s longest-serving mayor.
  • A tiff is brewing between Greenwich residents regarding a clothesline ban. Green v. Pristine.
  • Finally, a human interest story. My high school alma mater, the Connecticut IB Academy in East Hartford, was named the 24th best public high school in the United States by Newsweek magazine.

What other interesting stories do you think have gone overlooked?


One response to “Friday Night News Dump

  1. Turtle soup (Terrapin, not mock) beats Shark fin soup anytime

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