The Week that Was

It seems that I missed quite a bit. I actually did spend an awful lot of time away from the computer. I ignored email. I even put my trusty BlackBerry aside.

It was liberating. I haven’t cut myself off from the ceaseless flow of political information for an extended period like that in over four years. I could grow to like it. So if I didn’t get back to you this week, my apologies.

In the meantime, I do have some thoughts about the events of the past week.

Sen. Dodd’s Bad News

Sen. Dodd’s announcement of his prostate cancer was a shock. I read that while sitting on a plane after a white-knuckle flight into Baltimore. The kind lady next to me wanted to know why I was shrieking in surprise at my phone, and if I was okay. Fortunately, it seems that Sen. Dodd will be just fine. Best wishes, Senator, and here’s to a speedy recovery!

Shocked, Yes, Shocked

Gov. Rell’s swift shift on taxes didn’t come as a surprise. The usual suspects: cigarette and booze taxes. Time to break out the still! And hey, I live near a tobacco farm or two.

Wait, she’s also taxing corporate profits? So much for the pro-business conservative.

Democrats want to raise the income tax on the rich. So either we pay more for our cigs (there will also reportedly be a captial gains tax on bumming one, so freeloaders beware) or the rich pony up the dough.

Budget negotiations are moving along, then. And it’s only been, what, eight months since the session began?

Bawk bawk bawk

John McKinney’s not running? Really? Did not see that coming.

Rob Russo, briefly a state senator, seems to be up for another losing campaign. And who are we to stop him?


Jog into a pickup, get charged with reckless jogging. Ouch.

We have bad credit.

Hey, how’s that health care bill doing? Should I not ask?

I’ll deny it to the end of my days.


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