Gregory to Announce Candidacy in 4th

Fourth District Republican Will Gregory will announce his candidacy for Congress later today, moving out of the exploratory phase and into a full campaign posture.

According to a release, Gregory has been touring Fairfield County and he’s liked what he’s heard:

“The response has been clear and overwhelming,” he said. “The residents of our district are hungry for a new kind of leadership in Washington.  They are looking for someone to stand up and fight for them on the issues that matter most, and that’s exactly what I plan to do in Congress.”

The race in the Fourth, after looking like a surefire clash between Shays-slayer Jim Himes and Senate GOP Leader John McKinney since 9:30pm on Election Night 2008, is now up in the air for the GOP.

District titans like Norwalk Mayor Dick Moccia, former Greenwich First Selectman Jim Lash, or State Sen. Dan Debicella have all spent months waiting for Sen. McKinney to get in the race.  It remains to be seen whether any of these three gentlemen, or anyone else, would get in the race with so little time left to raise funds.

Mr. Gregory enters the race as a wild card – unproven in ability to raise funds or win votes – and largely untested.  But for his part, he seems optimistic:

“As your Congressman, I’ll make it my job to protect your job. That is why in the coming months, I will be traveling to every corner of the district engaging residents, of all political stripes, in a conversation about the issues facing our community and how we can move America forward together,” said Mr. Gregory.

He will spend the next several months touring the district and hosting Economic Summits with local residents.


4 responses to “Gregory to Announce Candidacy in 4th

  1. Seems like the Republicans have a fairly shallow bench, which is a shame, because Himes is the type of congressman that could be vulnerable (comes from a swing district, and in his first term). While this guy Gregory is probably fairly intelligent, he doesn’t have any experience to speak of at much of anything besdies school (he looks like he is barely 25 years old). His bio at the website is all about various clubs he was in at Gettysburg College. It’s a big jump to go directly into a campaign for a swing Congressional district (you can do it if you are a business leader in the local community, but to be working at some sort of non profit is a stretch). Yeah, he was on the McCain campaign, but not in a big role.

    I’d rather see this guy run for some local office. Learn the things you have to learn about running for office, make your mistakes at a local town hall debate where 23 old people are watching, and learn from them so you can run for higher office later. I don’t know if he lives in Tong’s district, but that’d be a nice target.

    Also, shave that goatee thing…

  2. This post and others like it are of seeming interest but neglect the real power structure in the state – the bureaucracy. From the Office of Policy and Management to it’s companion legislative organizaton, to the Democratic and Republican party organizations, to the various state commissions and agencies, etc. These are the decisive factors in the state and NO One talks about who in them, whose relatives, defeated or “retired ” elected officials, etc are being hired, etc etc. Operating virtually in secret, they feed the house and Senate not only the data but the actual wording for the various bills, etc everyone mouses about. The aveage senator or rep is a drone, doing what the “leadership” tells him or her to do and trying to keep their head down on any controversial issue. It would be to the advantage of all if this blog began to focus, agency by agency , on these behind the scene decision makers – How about starting with the Office of Policy and Management? Who runs it What is it supposed to do , what does it not do that it should, etc ??

  3. Heath what is going on in the 4th?

    Did Healy, et al put all their chips in the McKinney basket and when he realized he did not have a shot of winning and didn’t run Republican’s are left with no candidates with real elected experience?

  4. *yawn*

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