Yet Another Thrilling Budget Update

A 90-minute meeting Tuesday produced no budget breakthroughs. But fear not! They’re going to meet again next Monday. If you look, you can actually see our credit rating dropping.

North Carolina and Pennsylvania are the only other states that haven’t passed budgets for the current fiscal year.

5 responses to “Yet Another Thrilling Budget Update


    Stop hiding like children, come out and discuss with the intelligent citizens of Connecticut where this process is and what the two sides of the argument are!!! Then, we will let you know where to go and settle this.

    Hiding, whispering and closed door meetings leads to the citizens of Connecticut being the big losers, let us be the winners for once!!!!

  2. North Carolina will have a budget by the end if the day.

  3. What’s amazing is that New York’s state senate survived 2 coups, dueling sessions, indictments, court orders, and more – and they STILL passed a budget before CT.

    There are several states, like Alaska and North Dakota, where the legislature meets for as few as 90 days. And THEY still passed a budget.

    California, whose proposition system has bankrupted the state, not to mention made CA the poster child for constitutional reform, has passed passed a budget.

    What a shame.

  4. FWIW, North Carolina passed their budget leaving Pennsylvania and CT in a run off for the award of ‘most dysfunctional budget process of 2009’.

  5. PA passed half their budget.

    The Senate and the Governor are only $900,000 apart on spending. The Senate refuses to admit there’s a $1.7 million dollar shortfall requiring a tax increase.

    They are light years ahead of CT’.

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