Courtney Gets Another Republican Challenger

According to today’s New London DAY Daria Novak, a business person from Madison, CT is planning to challenge for the Republican nomination for 2nd District Congressperson. She joins Glastonbury Republican Matthew Daly on the hustings. Neither of these Republican candidates have much, if any, name recognition in Eastern Connecticut so it will be an up hill battle. I guess Congressman Courtney will not run unopposed in November 2010.


13 responses to “Courtney Gets Another Republican Challenger

  1. Her website is awful:

    Ads by Google? Really?

  2. The NRCC has apparently already given up on 4 of CT’s 5 Congressional districts.

  3. Genghis had this story 104 days ago.

  4. This is ancient news NUCSAILOR.

  5. Weicker Liker

    Novak has a new website

  6. I’ve looked at Novak’s web site. She’s the real thing and can beat Courtney if she gets her message out. Her background is incredible. CT GOP ought to be happy the have a candidate capable of taking on Joe Courtney.

  7. Daria Novak has true Republican principles. She believes in limited government and the Constitution as our founding fathers intended. In fact, she gives out copies of the Constitution to anyone who wants one. I heard her speak on July 4 and met her personally, and was very impressed. Even though “The Day” labels her a “Novice”, she has more Washington experience than Matt Daly, the other Republican who is challenging for Joe Courtney’s seat. (Read her bio on Daria says she will listen to her constituents – something that Courtney has not done! In fact, he thinks Washington “rules” us! See
    and listen at about 1:30-1:32.

  8. C’mon, at least wait a few hours between posting obvious shill comments guys.

  9. She out to take down that ning site and just have it redirect to her new, better website. That ning site was the first site I found in Google.

  10. I have met Daria at a couple Tea Partys and definitely like what I hear from her. She is the “real deal” – personable, intellegent, interesting to talk to, and has a great command of the issues. She deserves our support – vocal, monitary, and vote in November, 2010.

    I think Ellen is correct that Daria will listen, and more importantly, HEAR her constituents! All our current “ruler” can do is lie and lock-step march with the Marxist-in-chief into socialism while ignoring the concerns of “We, the People”!

    Hope that doesn’t offend you too much, Hank, but ‘shill comments’ that had no substance are all we have heard from you Obamabots for two years! Look where he got us. Another day older and Trillions in debt! Change we don’t need.

    Time to return to sanity, fiscal responsibility, and real representation. We’ve been too long without any of the three! Go, Daria!

  11. I have met Daria at various events and feel she can make an impact in the upcoming election, everyone should take a close look at her campaign. Daniel Brunet Chairman, Meriden Republican Town Committee

  12. I met Daria at a teaparty. I am very impressed with her resume and overall depth of knowledge. She has the drive to make this a very challenging race, and believe that she is in politics to serve the people not the party

  13. Weicker Liker

    Joe Courtney has posted his Third Quarter Numbers….

    Raised $219,935 for 3 Q…..$1,007,672 Cash On Hand

    GOP faces tough climb in CT-2

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