Municipal Primaries List

Okay, the deadline for filing petitions to force a primary has passed, and here’s what we know so far.

Waterbury: Board of Aldermen president Paul Vance (D) is facing incumbent mayor Mike Jarjura (D). Jarjura is also running as a Republican.

Griswold: Four Republicans filed petitions to primary for various offices, including that of first selectman. Edward Berdick is challenging endorsed candidate Theresa Madonna.

Old Saybrook: Democrat Velma Thomas is challenging endorsed candidate Carol Manning for the position of selectman. Old Saybrook, like many towns, has a minority party seat reserved on the board of selectmen, and Democrats usually take it.

Ledyard: Robert Burns has filed enough petitions to primary for a seat on the town council.

Bethel: Incumbent first selectman Robert Burke (R) is challenging endorsed candidate Lawrence Craybas, after the GOP did not back him for a third term.

Meriden: Democrat Stephen T. Zerio, who was the council majority leader, will challenge incumbent Mayor Michael Rohde.

New Haven: Seven primaries will take place among Elm City Democrats, all of them for seats on the board of aldermen.

Bridgeport: There will be several city council primaries, check OIB for the complete rundown.

Westport: Republican Joe Arcudi will face endorsed candidate Gavin Anderson for the GOP first selectman nomination. The winner will face incumbent Gordon Joseloff (D).

Morris: Connie Trolle and her running mate, Barbara Bongiolatti, are challenging endorsed candidates Karen Paradis and running mate John Zarrella in a Republican primaty for first selectman and selectman.

Middlebury: First selectman Thomas Gormley will primary endorsed candidate Pat DeAngelis in a Republican primary.

If you know of any primaries that I’ve missed, post them here!


8 responses to “Municipal Primaries List

  1. Guilford – Democratic First Selectman – Gary MacElhiney (endorsed) vs Ted Zuse

    Hamden – Democratic Mayor – Scott Jackson (endorsed) vs James Leddy

  2. Hampton – Melanie Johnston (endorsed) vs Kate Donnelly

    Willington – Mark Palmer (endorsed) vs ? (didn’t catch the name)

  3. wtfdnucsailor

    According to a correction note in the hard copy of the New London DAY, there will not be a primary in Ledyard. The candidate, Robert Burns, is actually a petitioning candidate for the general election.

  4. According to a correction note in the hard copy of the New London DAY …

    Ah, well. The best laid plans, ye know … 😉

  5. I don’t know Stratford politics much, but happened to drive thru there this week.

    I saw signs for three different people (all Mayor, I think).

    I venture a guess that there’s a primary, since it seems a bit early for general election signs… and since it was three people… not even D vs. R. But I really don’t know. It’s just a guess based on what I saw.

  6. Greenwich has a primary for Tax Collector where both candidates had to petition on the ballot. One candidate failed to get enough votes for endorsement at the town committee level, then two collected enough signatures to force a primary

  7. In Syracuse, NY, one guy had a petition to get on the ballot. Was one vote short. And yes, he forgot to sign his own petition…

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