Budget Home Stretch (Maybe)

Are we in the home stretch for the state budget? Well, maybe. Democrats feel progress has been made and are hopeful a deal might be reached next week:

While no deal has been reached, Democratic leaders said Tuesday that they were optimistic that the state legislature might vote as early as Aug. 27 on a possible budget deal with Republican Gov. M. Jodi Rell.
The General Assembly is meeting that day in special session, anyway, to debate whether to borrow more than $900 million by selling bonds in order to close the state budget deficit for the fiscal year that ended on June 30.

So therefore the two sides have another artificial deadline. We’ll see if they make it. Democrats actually seem serious about getting the thing done, calling for (gasp!) meetings every day. That’s every day, people. Including Fridays. AND days when it’s nice out.

Speaking of artificial deadlines, if we go past August 22nd without a budget, this will officially be the longest impasse on record in Connecticut history. Something to feel good about?

…At this point there is very little else to say about the budget. It’ll mosey along in its own sweet time.

5 responses to “Budget Home Stretch (Maybe)

  1. That’s every day, people. Including Fridays. AND days when it’s nice out.

    Breaking news:

    For immediate release:

    From: The Powers-that-be
    To: Genghis Conn

    You incorrectly reported that we would let a beautiful day go to waste because of this annoying budget thingy. We’re uncertain who fed you this disinformation. But just consider your words. Obviously, that won’t happen. And if you continue spewing such lies, we’ll have Kane give you a piledriver!


  2. hmmm… maybe I should apply for that $165,000/yr PR job.

    I seem to get as much press as the legislature’s (what is it??) ten person PR team.

    I’m certain I could fulfill all the necessary functions of Crusher’s $120k/yr job.

  3. No budget is still better than a bad budget.

  4. If the budget contains a tax hike on business and an income tax hike on those who create and/or run those businesses….it’s a bad budget.

  5. Why speculate on the possible contents at this point? Maybe we’ll just have a continuing resolution for a couple of years.

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