Quote of the Day

Okay, this was yesterday. But still:

“We have a message for Mayor DeStefano, learn how to manage a poverty city and stop allowing illegal immigrants to collect our tax dollars.”

–Chris Healy, in response to Mayor John DeStefano (D-New Haven) pointing out that city services, nonprofits and school construction are all imperiled by the lack of a state budget.


14 responses to “Quote of the Day

  1. Healy actually had several barn burners in that release:

    “Does Sen. Harris really think that a library in West Hartford is going to close? If it does, it is because his fellow Democrats forgot to take a book out on ‘leadership,” said Healy.

    Why did they come to Hartford and do what they talk about doing which is tax, tax and tax some more?” asked Healy. “Maybe they don’t have the courage of their convictions or they are simply worried that the public will hold them accountable.”

    “After controlling the Legislature for all but four years since 1973, Democrats have built a colossus of a government which now threatens to ruin the economic foundation of our state,” said Healy. “It is their choice whether to fulfill their duties or sink our state further into financial despair.”

  2. AndersonScooper

    Nice of Healy to interrupt a serious conversation in order to remind folks that New Haven is home to black and brown people.

  3. Nice race-baiting remark scooper.

  4. Don’t get all “wee-weed” up about it now…

  5. AndersonScooper


    In what way are illegal immigrants collecting our tax dollars?

    And please define “poverty city”.

    CTLP is not talk radio, and racist code language will not circulate unchecked here.

    Waiting for your response.

  6. Scoops, you’re the one bringing up “black and brown people,” perhaps you should be asking yourself the questions.

  7. The statistics back-up the fact that New Haven is overwhelmingly dominated by poverty. So it is accurate to describe it as a poverty city. In fact, Chris Healy knows quite a bit about urban policy— particularly regarding poverty— as he worked at HUD when Jack Kemp was HUD Secretary. If you ever talk to Healy, you’ll find he cares deeply about the plight of the urban poor, who have suffered decades of abuse at the hands of Democrat politicians.

    In making the above remark, Scooper has pulled a page out of the leftists’ playbook: when your opponent is beating you in an argument, spuriously accuse them of being a racist. Unfortunately, for the Scooper, people are sophisticated enough to recognize this rhetorical canard for the sign of desperation that it is.

    Ultimately, Scooper has unsuccessfully attempted to create a diversion from the topic at hand, which is that after decades, government-run social programs have not been effective at pulling people of all races out of poverty and helping them to become independent self-supporting citizens. Instead, the poverty pimps from the Democratic party have used government-run social programs to make the poor dependent on the government, in the same way junkies are dependent on drug dealers for their next fix. It is absolutely reprehensible. Now, in the face of an unprecedented state fiscal crisis, big-city mayors like John DeStefano have the arrogance to demand more money to dump into failed programs.

    On another note, I would observe that race-baiting comments, like the one written by the Scooper are unworthy of civil discourse, particularly in a forum such as this one. Scooper owes Chris Healy an apology for calling him a racist. In light of all the complaints about supposedly “raucous” and “uncivil” behavior by participants in Congressional health care town halls, you’d think that leftists like the Scooper would attempt to lead by example. Instead, his willingness to resort to race-baiting vividly illustrates his true belief— that boorishness and incivility should be the exclusive province of the left.

  8. AndersonScooper

    No Hank, that was your CT GOP chair using code language.

    It’s obvious and gross, and that’s why Ghengis shared it with all of us.

  9. It’s actually tame compared to some of your comments over the years here at CTLP.

  10. AndersonScooper

    Oh sure Hank. Try to make it about me. That’s a successful defense.

    Again, what’s a “poverty city”, and in what way are “illegal immigrants” collecting our tax dollars?

  11. Why are comments being moderated in this thread?

  12. Again, what’s a “poverty city”, and in what way are “illegal immigrants” collecting our tax dollars?

    I didn’t make the statement Scoops, I can’t speak for CTGOP Chairman Healy.

    It’s unfortunate that you believe that “black and brown” people constitute a “poverty city” though.

  13. Connecticut lags behind other places (or to put it more bluntly, Connecticut stinks) because it defines its cities so narrowly rather than sharing wealth throughout a municipal region. In most areas of the country and the world, “New Haven” would mean (New Haven, East Haven, West Haven, North Haven, Hamden, Branford, Orange, Woodbridge, North Branford, perhaps Guilford). Then you would have something marketable, not a “poverty city” to use your words. Similarly, West Harford should be the fashionable, hip area of Hartford and Glastonbury the hot up and coming residential district of Hartford. That would make “Hartford” attratctive. Instead, when people think of Hartford, they think of being out before dark. Think this doesn’t matter? Ask Louisville, which brought some of its suburbs back into the city and now markets itself as the sixteenth biggest city in the country instead of the sixtieth. That matters.

  14. Anyone notice that when cornered, Anderson disappears for a while?

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