Joe Lieberman Applies Brakes to Health Care

Sen. Joe Lieberman has finally piped up to throw a little more cold water on the president’s health care plan. It’s surprisingly hard to get worked up about. I had actually assumed he’d bail out sooner.

But Joe had better watch out, because Alec Baldwin‘s gunning for him! Sort of.

But a quick word of caution to Sen. Lieberman: Alec Baldwin is not the same as Clint Eastwood. They are in fact two different people.


8 responses to “Joe Lieberman Applies Brakes to Health Care

  1. It’s surprisingly hard to get worked up about.

    Obviously you’ve missed some of the key problems as they regard the health care, or denial of, as it regards seniors.

    While the much publicized rumors regarding withholding treatment for all Buick owners for example, has been proven false. It remains true for owners of Le Sabre’s and spells doom for owners of Grand Marquis if caught driving with their left blinkers on. (As you’re no-doubt aware, the Mercury Grand Marquis comes factory equipped with such a blinker.)

    Yet no where does the bill address idiots in the left lane; an area where most would agree “end of life” counseling would clearly be in order.

    Considering these glaring errors, as well as some others; Lieberman has this one right.

  2. I don’t think Baldwin thought out his domestic violence complaints well enough.

    What’s his reacton when he sees protesters carrying signs like ‘Kim BASHinger’ and ‘Daddy Dearest’ and pictures of a women with a back eye?

  3. Bruce Rubenstein

    What Joe Lieberman does to throw water on standard mainstream democratic agenda items isnt surprising anymore. Im sure we will see several credible candidates taking the temperature of that race in 2012.

  4. Baldwin’s people are already shooting down the rumor:,0,2504298.story

    “Matthew Hiltzik said Monday that Baldwin does not plan to move to Connecticut or to run against the independent senator. He says Baldwin doesn’t want to see Lieberman leave the Senate because there are so few moderate Republicans in the Senate.”

  5. Back to Lieberman:

    Afghanstan may cook him.

    U.S. combat deaths have risen since U.S. President Barack Obama ordered a troop buildup to confront a resurgent Taliban, with a record 44 U.S. troops killed in Afghanistan in July.

    Mullen said the new commander of U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan, Gen. Stanley McChrystal, was “wrapping up” his assessment of the situation and would submit it in a couple of weeks.

    Mullen said he would evaluate whether more troops were needed after reviewing McChrystal’s report.

    Obama already plans to increase the number of U.S. troops in Afghanistan to about 68,000 by year’s end, more than double the 32,000 the United States had there at the end of 2008.

    Mullen declined to comment on U.S. media reports that McChyrstal might recommend additional increases of 15,000, 25,000 or 45,000 troops.

    He said the United States faced a multi-year effort to establish security and enable Afghan forces to maintain it.

    Asked about an exit strategy, Mullen said: “I’ve said from a military perspective I believe we’ve got to start to turn this thing around from a security standpoint in the next 12 to 18 months.”

  6. There once was a time when CT Demsd were proud of their Senator’s independence and mo0derate positions. Now it appears that when the chips are down, Jellyfish Joe looks for a camera and waffles.

    At least Alec Baldwin has kissed Sarah Palin…That’s got to be good for something…

  7. At least Alec Baldwin has kissed Sarah Palin…That’s got to be good for something…

    You know what else he can kiss don’t you?

    (Uh, You did leave that set up on purpose didn’t you?)

  8. Canteen Boy?

    Too bad. A pedophile Scoutmaster would be a great Senator for CT.

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