Senate Passes Budget

The Senate passed the latest proposed budget early Tuesday morning by a vote of 22-13. Sen. Joan Hartley once again crossed party lines and voted with the GOP against the budget.

The budget now goes to Gov. Rell. There is no word as of right now whether she’ll sign it.


12 responses to “Senate Passes Budget

  1. Here it comes.
    3 bucks a pack tax takes us past the tipping point.

    Never mind the small family owned stores we’ll put out of business; look who replaces them in the market. (You can be sure illegal operators check kids id’s too – right?)

    Not new news either.

    Cigarette Smuggling Linked to Terrorism
    Smugglers with ties to terrorist groups are acquiring millions of dollars from illegal cigarette sales and funneling the cash to organizations such as al Qaeda and Hezbollah, federal law enforcement officials say, prompting a nationwide crackdown on black market tobacco.

    Report: U.S. Cigarette Smuggling Still Funds Terrorism
    04/30/2008 –

    A new report from the Republican staff of the House Homeland Security Committee says federal and state governments, especially New York’s, must do more to combat cigarette smuggling because its profits fund terrorist entities abroad.

    “Recent law enforcement investigations … have directly linked those involved in illicit tobacco trade to infamous terrorist organizations such as Hezbollah, Hamas, and al Qaeda,” states the report.

  2. This budget is leveraged to the hilt which haunt us for a long time. I also wonder how realistic the revenue projections are. If this becomes law, I expect the Legislature will be back next summer making very difficult adjustments right before the election season. It may be smart politics for Rell to let this go through without her fingerprints on it if she plans to run. Not good for the State, but at least she can say that she tried her best with a Legislature that stuck its head in the sand.
    The Rank and File Dems may well regret this vote.

  3. I think the legislators caught by the Courant playing solitaire and watching baseball on the floor during the debate will regret their inattention. That may be business as usual, but the average Connecticut taxpayer/voter won’t sympathize.

  4. The state Senate last night approved a budget along party lines. Voting against the budget were all 13 Republicans and 1 Democrat; 22 Democrats voted for the budget.

    The $37 billion budget increases spending over a period of two years by $800 million, according to one report.

    An amusing moment occurred when Democrats claimed to have cut the budget by 35%. Their “cut” refers to an accounting decrease in the current services budget. That budget projects future increases; a lower than expected increase is counted among Democrats as a “cut.”

    “Don’t spend your money before you’ve got it” was sage advice offered us by our parents in our golden youths. In “cutting” the future services budget, Democrats have “saved” money they have not yet appropriated.

    Virtually all the “cuts,” Republicans insisted, were accounting gimmicks and money transfers. The largest transfer was a cut in the sales tax accompanied by an increase in the Democrats now famous “millionaires tax.”

    The budget reduces the sales tax from 6 percent to 5.5 percent, but even this cut is contingent and can be re-boosted if a future budget shows a deficit. The Democrat’s increase of the state income tax on individuals earning half a million and couples earning a million a year from 5 percent to 6.5 percent is not contingent; which is to say, it cannot be repealed even if the state shows a surplus.

    Gov. Jodi Rell, who could veto the budget and show solidarity with other Republicans, was unusually silent following passage of the tax laden, cut deficient budget. Some reporters interpreted her silence as internal consent and speculated she may allow the budget to pass into law without her signature.

    After thanking Rell for working with Democrats to produce the swollen $35 billion budget, no Republicans in the senate having voted for it, President Pro Tem of the senate Don Williams allowed, “There will be no perfect budget in this – the worst budget year in our lifetime. This budget does about the best we can possibly do in these tough times.”

    He was grateful the governor had not been “wedded to strict ideology” concerning budget issues, unlike the Democrats, wedded for more than 20 years to a crippling and possibly counter productive millionaire’s tax.

    A few days before the vote, George Jepsen, a Hartford lawyer, former state senate Majority Leader and chairman of Connecticut’s state Democratic Party, warned his party against in an op-ed piece against adopting a millionaire’s tax.

    Mr., Jepsen wrote that the tax “exacerbates what economists agree is a major defect of our current revenue structure — over-reliance on a narrow, affluent population — which leaves the state’s finances highly vulnerable to economic volatility, especially on Wall Street. It also codifies the class warfare ethos of the Democrats (mitigated somewhat by the governor’s proposed elimination of the estate tax). This rhetoric gives the wealthy one more reason to shift residency to tax-friendly states, as so many already have, taking their income, local purchases, job creation and philanthropy with them.”

    It is a point Republicans had been trying for months to press without success upon Democratic Party ideologues such as Williams and Chris Donovan, the Speaker of the state House and a former union steward.

    Speaking from the belly of beast, wealthy Greenwich, where toney rich folk such as Attorney General Richard Blumenthal park their cars at night, Sen. Scott Franz said that Connecticut’s revenue collections were in “a downward death spiral. Anecdotally, hundreds, if not thousands of firms have left the state of Connecticut” for safer environments such as Bermuda which will “treat your capital, treat your families” in a welcoming way.

    The economic die, as Caesar one said in a different connection, has been cast.

    And on a throw of the dice, the retreat bridges have been burnt.

  5. The state Senate last night approved a budget along party lines. Voting against the budget were all 13 Republicans and 1 Democrat; 22 Democrats voted for the budget.

    There are 12 Republicans and 24 Democrats (if it was 23-13, there’d be no supermajority)

  6. Right, I put the total in there by mistake.

  7. Obama’s Plummeting Approval Ratings, economy in decline, all time high voter outrage, continuance of Bush failed war policy= Democrat disaster in 2010. All Democrats from town clerk to U.S. Senate will pay the price for unpopular and ineffective Dem leadership like Obama, Pelosi, Reed, Frank & Dodd.

  8. And, to top it all off, George Will, the conservative columnist, has now come out in favor of withdrawing Anerican troops from Afghanistan:

    This, at least should please those pacifists on this site who groaned so loudly over GWB’s big adventure in Iraq.

  9. AndersonScooper

    Yeah, Puf. The country can’t wait to put the Republicans back in charge.

    What you’re wishing for is not born out by the actions of elected Republicans and potential candidates.

    If the chances for a GOP wave are so great, why are your House candidates here in Connecticut so pathetic?

    The answer is that while Dems falter a bit in the midst of a recession, your party is far, far, away from gaining favor, particularly with the newest generation of voters.

    Please tell me which Congressional seats you’re going to take back here in CT. I need a good laugh.

  10. AndersonScooper

    And Don, you’ve probably forgotten, but Afghanistan and Pakistan have always been the big problem. (you know, a home for terrorists.)

    You guys are in Fantasy-land. But that must be what it takes to embrace candidates like Will Gregory, Justin Bernier, and Matt Daly.

  11. Scooper, I know it may pain you to read this but the lastest Rasmussen poll numbers back up my statement. I’m not saying that people have fallen back in love with Republicans but after getting a good look at Obama and the Democrats, they are beginning to like us a whole lot better! 🙂

    Read it for yourself.

  12. Scooper, sorry I didn’t answer your question. You wanted to know what congressional seats we will pick up? Well, if Obama and the Democrats continue in the direction they are going….every single one. Yes, a clean sweep! Of course, there still is plenty of time left and anything can happen.

    Go ahead, but before you have your good laugh, remember..two years ago, who knew Jim Himes? Elections are all about the incumbents and that means…trouble for the Democrats.

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