Courtney Town Hall – Part III

Continuing the saga of last night’s, September 2, 2009, Town Hall Meeting held by Second District Congressman Joe Courtney.

15. The collection of people in this hall is less than one percent of a voting precinct. Please don’t let a skewed audience swing your vote. (Shouts and rumblings from the audience). A small portion of the population already has a public option for health care – Why are veterans, children and seniors so special? How can we help get health care for everyone? (more boos and grumblings along with calls for quiet)
Courtney – Expressing different points of view is what this forum is all about. There is a public option in the bill After an initial infusion of public funds, the public option will have to compete with the insurance companies and if providers do not join the public option network, it will not succeed. We will continue to work to get the best model of health care possible passed in Congress.

16. Since the TARP legislation passed the government is a little on the wild side. The President is printing dollars like they were going out of style. Everyone should be concerned. How are we going to pay for this? People should get jobs and save their money to pay for Health Care. No one has seen the finished product for this bill. We need to get the country back and get rid of Pelosi and Barney Frank.
Courtney – No comment and nodded to the microphone holder to go for the next question. There was a little back and forth rumbling from the audience.

17. I can’t sleep since Obama is President. He has stated that you cannot rely on the military. He wants to establish a civilian “National Security Force”. Do you support this?
Courtney – The Armed Forces must defend the country but the “Posse Comitatus” law prevents the use of military for domestic enforcement. I am not familar with the comment but would be opposed to a separate internal security force. (During this response, it was difficult to hear the Courtney response due to the shouting and grumbling by some of the audience.)
Personal Note – I was not familar with this quote by President Obama so I did a search prior to writing this blog. It turns out that in July 2008 during the campaign, President Obama was addressing a group regarding voluntary service to the country such as Americorps and the Peace Corps. He stated that National Security was not just the responsiblity of the military and that civilian service to the country was just as important and proposed a National Service Corp to provide volunteer services. There are some web sites that have taken this comment to mean that Obama wants to establish an armed Internal Security Force – Not the intent of the speach he delivered at all.

18. What is the most important part of the Bill? Lots of mumbling from audience.
Courtney – after a moment of hesitation – Part A that deals with Insurance Reform is the most important part of the bill. Introducing these reforms will reduce the number of bankruptcies due medical care costs.

19. Please support the Public Option. It is an important part of the reform of health care.
Courtney – No comment. On to next question.

20. Health Care needs reform but there is too much of a rush. What will you do if directed to support a single payer option plan by House Leadership?
Courtney – Chance for a single payer plan in the current Congress is less than zero. A public option is the best compromise but do not know just what will be in the final bill. (Much noise from audience and calls of “Liar, Liar.”. Noise made it difficult for Courtney to answer the questions.

21. The US is only wealthy country that 1) does not insure all persons; 2) is twice as expensive as Europe; 3) Standing is 38th in the world; 4) Deaths are highest of all developed countries with a Health Care System. Much Noise from the audience.
Courtney – No comment. Moved on to the next question.

Will pick up with next question later this evening in the Final installment (Town Hall -Part IV).


17 responses to “Courtney Town Hall – Part III

  1. Proud To Be An American

    In response to question #17….it is always best to hear the facts first hand. Video of President Obama’s speach regarding a Civilian National Security Force is available on YouTube at

    All Americans (republican, democrat, independent or unaffiliated) should be concerned about President Obama’s desire for a Civilian National Security Force.

    It’s time for All Americans to start asking questions that the press is not asking….Who does President Obama think we need to be protected from? What are the objectives of the Civilian National Security Force? Will our tax dollars fund the Civilian National Security Force? Has or will any of the stimulus money fund the Civilian National Security Force?

    AMAZING, 1.2 million hits to date on YouTube and not one of Congressman Courtney’s staff, associates, neighbors, fellow Congressmen etc. have brought this to his attention?!?!?!?

    Stand up America! Stand up for your Liberty and Freedom!

  2. Your tin foil hat, sir, emblazoned with the words “WHERE THE HELL WAS I FOR THE PAST 8 YEARS?”

  3. I actually think there’s quite a market for those around here.

  4. A google search for the “National Security Force” leads not only to the YouTube clip but an archived Newspaper article that describes the circumstances of the speech and puts the quote in context. Obama was pointing out that civilian volunteer service was just as important to national security as military service. Now you may disagree with the then candidate regarding this importance but that is no reason to explode the statement into the development of an internal security force. The YouTube clip is an example of how a snippit of a speech can be used to change the entire context of an event.

  5. Proud To Be An American

    Genghis Conn…where was I for the last eight years? The same spot I am now…frustrated with elected officials. By the way… I never was a Bush fan and I do not view issues as a democrat or republican. I view them as an American.

    wtfdnucsailor … you may want to listen to the video again….it is a Civilian National Security Force. I prefer not to rely on the newspapers interpretation of the President’s words. Instead I can listen first hand and form my own opinions. If there is a known enemy within our country…I would like to know who. Who does President Obama think we need to be protected from? What are the objectives of the Civilian National Security Force?

    I will continue to ask these question until someone answers them…whether it’s Congressman Courtney, Senator Dodd, Senator Lieberman, President Obama…We The People deserve answers to our questions.

    It is important for all Americans (republican, democrat, independent or unaffiliated) to question elected officials…our money (tax dollars) pay their salaries, benefits, travel expenses etc. AND our money (tax dollars) fund the bills/programs they pass.

  6. Bull-oney to both Joe Courtney and the obviously biased writer of this article. Obama said he wanted a “Civilian National Security Force” that answers only to himself.

    He wants it as “strong”…as “powerful”… and as “well funded” as the military (his words). Does that sound like a bunch of volunteer do-gooders to anyone besides the delusional?

  7. I encourage you listen to the entire speech then you will see what then candidate, now President, Obama really meant by a “National Security Force”. You will see that he was discussing young people serving their country in thing like Americorps, the Peace Corp, and other such endeavors. He was advocating that this endeavor is just as important as the armed services and should be so funded. Now, you can disagree with that premise but I can’t see where you think this will be an independent police force answerable only to the President. That is a gross misinterpretation.

  8. Proud To Be An American

    What the President Obama met by a CIVILIAN National Security Force is still unclear….you keep leaving out the key word ‘civilian’

    Who does President Obama think we need to be protected from? What are the objectives of the Civilian National Security Force?

    Keep drinking the koolaid wtfdnuscsailor!

  9. I love how you guys think everyone else is delusional and kool-aid drinkers.

    Sorry, but no. It’s you.

  10. Proud – I can only ask you to listen to the entire speech at the link I provided. It clearly shows that Obama’s Civilian National Security Force is just a great emphasis on public service at various levels by high school and college graduates.

    Again, the only controversy I see is whether such a program should be funded on par with the Defense Department and whether the country can afford such funding.

    Those are valid questions and well worth asking, just as it is worth asking how the proposed Health Care reforms will be funded and whether they will increase the defict, be deficit neutral, or by some miracle, decrease the deficit. Other wise, the rest of the opposition is just smoke, mirrors, and obfustication.

    There seems to be an unsavory undercurrent to many of these ‘claims’ which I am loath to give credance to because I think it is a disservice to wise discourse.

  11. The power of deception is that one does not know one is being deceived. In this case, I should say MANY.

    You, wtfdnucsailor, apparently cannot isolate the germ of what he is saying, befuddled by the rest of the “context”.

    And to you, Genghis Conn… I don’t presume everyone else to be delusional, only those that clearly prove themselves to be. It’s a perceptive observation, as “Proud To Be An American” can attest to. We are sorry you don’t get it.

  12. Stykbo – Taking quotes out of context is the way to make them mean something that is not meant by the speaker when viewed in the context of the entire speech or article. Context is what provides the meaning. I don’t understand why this is so difficult for some folks to understand. I guess we will just have to agree to disagree.

  13. Oh, I understand PERFECTLY, wtfdnucsailor. It is precisely the carefully worded context of this speech, and others of his, that “BURY” the germ of his intent… which you and others refuse to see. So be it. I do not “agree to disagree”… a most tired platitude. But I do agree that one of us is wrong.

    But let me pose a more serious consideration to you. You are no doubt aware of Van Jones. No trepidation there? An avowed communist, radical in the White House… in our government?

  14. Yeah. There’s nothing that will convince people like you, there, “stykbo,” especially facts. Not when a crazy half-baked theory will do! And you “know” the truth, I see. Ah. *nodnod* Makes perfect sense! *wink*

    Sigh. I have five years of identifying crazy nutcases who come onto my site, and you’re one of them, at least right now (I believe in the human capacity to change, however). There are a lot of nuts hanging around here, you may fit in fine.

    Or I could just ban you and save myself the splitting headache you’re sure to give me. Which do you prefer?

  15. Well my argument was with wtfdnucsailor concerning this article (I was there!)… but if you want to take this to “name-calling” then, let’s play.
    You want to “ban” me? oo-o-o.

    If that’s the only tactic that works for you against the real facts (and not to mention opposing viewpoints)… then go ahead and show us all how biased and partisan you really are.

    “I have five years of identifying crazy nutcases who come onto my site, and you’re one of them”

    Don’t forget (besides crazy) “unpatriotic, terrorist, disrupter, etc. I on the other hand, have had over 40 years of identifying “manipulated, tanked distorters of truth” such as yourself.

    Go ahead and ban me. I am going to continue this on MY blog.

  16. I would like to call to everyone’s attention, this signed editorial by Paul Choiniere that appeared in the Perspective Section of the New London DAY this Sunday, September 6, 2009. It is a good summary of the situation. I am still dismayed at people who believe in distortions, lies, and half truths to look for the worst in the Obama administration, whether it is Health Care Reform, the President talking to School Children, or the appointment of administration personnel.

    That should more accurately read the appointment of COMMUNIST administration personnel! Talk about distortions, lies and half truths???

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