Lieberman on Health Care Reform

Originally posted by Scarce over at MLN. He is not a fan of a public option, and thinks that it is the major barrier to reform:


7 responses to “Lieberman on Health Care Reform

  1. I think Joe expressed the GOP view very well.

  2. I think Joe expressed the GOP view very well.

    That’s why we vote for him.

  3. Former vice-chairman of the Standing Committee and now head of China’s green energy drive Cheng Siwei on Ben Franklin:

    “Mr Cheng said the root cause of global imbalances is spending patterns in US (and UK) and China.

    “’The US spends tomorrow’s money today,’ he said. ‘We Chinese spend today’s money tomorrow. That’s why we have this financial crisis.’

    “Yet the consequences are not symmetric.

    “’He who goes borrowing, goes sorrowing,’ said Mr. Cheng.

    “It was a quote from US founding father Benjamin Franklin.”

  4. Good ‘ole Joe would appear to be opting out for the Calcutta plan…Let ’em die in the streets from lack of health care while at the same time create new jobs for street cleaners.

  5. So, as I understand it, Lieberman thinks reform is a major barrier to reform?

  6. There are few things as satisfying on CTLP as the ripping of Lieberman by liberals.

    Just throw him out next year…

    What? He’s got THREE more years in office?!!!

    Muh hah hah….

  7. Oh, say it ain’t so, Joe (would that this were the first time I’d said that). Of course, he’s right that many of the current suggestions for reform on the table would increase debt and basically cause spending (read:debt) to skyrocket. The real cost-saving reform is single-payer, universal health care. Anything short kowtows too much to the big insurance companies, which I suppose in CT is what we’re all about.

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